A Very Bakura Christmas A yugioh frantic

A Very Bakura Christmas A yugioh frantic

Had to do this for my english paper. leave a comment!

Chapter 1

A Very Bakura Christmas

“Hey, Bakura! Can you come in here for a second?” Bakura growled in irritation. He had finally found time to sit down and read Twilight.
“What do you want Marik?” Bakura shouted back. There was no reply. Instead Marik walked into the living room wearing nothing but his My Little Pony boxers.
“What in Ra’s name are you wearing?” Bakura gasped, Marik looked down in confusion.
“Oh that’s why I needed you, all my lavender shirts are dirty and I need you to do the laundry” Marik said simply.
“So, why aren’t you wearing any pants?” Bakura said, completely forgetting his book.
Marik opened his mouth and was about to speak when Bakura put up his hands and said, “Forget I asked.” Marik huffed indigently and sat down next to Bakura, his legs crossed.
They sat in silence for a moment until Marik’s eyes popped at of his head and shouted, “Christmas is in three days! Bakura, we need to go Christmas shopping NOW!!”
Bakura looked at the tall tan boy and sighed, and explained very slowly, “Marik we’re Egyptians, we don’t celebrate Christmas” Marik looked shocked.
“Bakura I don’t care. We’re going to the mall to do some Christmas shopping.” Bakura sighed. He knew that there was no arguing. Thirty minutes later Bakura and Marik (who finally put on some pants) were speeding along the highway to the mall, all the while Marik was chatting about what he was going to get once they got there.
“I’m going to get some more spray on tan, I’m almost out, then we can get a bite to eat, and then we’ll just browse for presents...” Marik kept talking and Bakura just tuning him out. Soon they got to the mall without any fatal injuries. Marik and Bakura walked over the icy pavement and went through the automatic doors.
“Ok Marik let’s get in and get out fast” Bakura grumbled, Marik looked over at Bakura and said smiling
“Look, Fluffy, just because you hate Christmas doesn’t mean you have to ruin it for everybody” Bakura looked outraged and started yelling at Marik.
“I love Christmas! I’m so full of Christmas love that I might die!” Marik looked bored
“Are you all done, Bakura?” Marik asked innocently, Bakura just glared, Marik smirked and they continued walking, Marik finally picked out a store to go to first. It was Victorias Secret much to Bakura dismay.
“What do you need in Victories Secret?” Bakura said, looking bewildered
“Oh you know the usual perfume, make up, underwear” Marik added that last one with a smile.
“Oh ha-ha, Marik, that’s so funny.” Bakura said with a scowl. Marik just grinned and they continued to walk towards the Victorias Secret. As soon as they walked through the door an employee sprayed them with a funky smelling perfume,
“Would you like to try our new perfume?!” She said with a smile. Bakura read her name tag. It read Naomi.
“No we don’t!” Bakura was screaming this as Marik was asking what the perfume was called. Before Naomi could answer Bakura grabbed Marik and pulled him out the door. Marik looked shocked and asked
“What did you do that for Bakura? I didn’t even get to look at the yoga pants!” Bakura just ignored him not even bothering to point out that Marik didn’t even take yoga. Bakura tugged Marik all the way to the food court.
“What are we doing here Bakura?” Marik asked
“I don’t know I just wanted to get out that store” Bakura growled.
Marik shrugged looking around he said, “As long as we’re here we might as well get something to eat” Bakura had to agree he was getting hungry to. Soon they sat down with tacos from Taco Bell and water. They ate in silence just looking at all the Christmas decorations until Marik finally said, “Why didn’t you get any British food? Oh and what do you want for Christmas?” Marik said the last words quickly. Bakura was about to reply that just because he was British doesn’t mean he had to eat British food, But then he stopped, processing the words Marik just said.
“I don't know” He stammered
“What do you want for Christmas?” Marik brightened and said, “A buzz lightyear action figure” Bakura nodded, it was just then that he notice a huge line a little ways up.
“I wonder what they’re doing, Bakura” Bakura just shrugged, he didn’t know. Marik stood up so abruptly that Bakura’s water fell. Bakura raised a cry of protest, Marik ignored him and went up to a man in the line he had a little boy shoulders. “Excuse me sir but what this line is for?”
The man looked up and responded with, “It’s the line for Santa Claus lap, but he’s on break”
With a funny grin on his face, Marik went back to sit with Bakura, then said loudly, “WE’RE GOING TO SEE SANTA CLAUS!”
Bakura just rolled his eye and said, “No were not, Marik. He’s on break and look at that line. It will take forever.” Marik was just about to argue when Santa Claus back from break walked past their table and immediately tripped over the spilled water. Santa hit his head on one of the tables and didn’t get up.
“Oh no! Santa Claus is dead!” Marik screamed. With that, all the little children started screaming too.
Bakura sighed and checked his pulse and said, “Marik, he’s not dead. He’s just passed out.” That didn’t seem to calm him down. Pretty soon Bill, the manger, called 911. Marik was still hysterical.
Bill wasn't much better and exclaimed,“ We need a Santa!”
Marik perked up and yelled, “He’ll do it! He’ll do it!” Marik was pointing at Bakura.
“No I won’t!” he said.
Marik glared at him and pointed out, “Oh yes you will. It was your fault that he fell, it was your water” Bakura was outraged that Marik blamed him.
“It wasn’t my fault! You knocked over the water!” Bakura shouted.
“Now it’s my fault? Oh, I hate you Bakura!” and with that Marik ran off sobbing. Bakura stood there dumbly. He couldn’t believe Marik had said that to him after all they’ve be through together.
Bill looked at Bakura and asked, “Will you do it?” There was a pleading look in his eyes. Bakura sighed and nodded. Ten minutes later Bakura was in a Santa suit with a pillow stuffed under his shirt. He sat down and one of the elf’s brought up the first kid, a little boy.
Bakura sighed and asked, “What would you like for Christmas little boy?”
The boy looked up with big green eyes and said, “A teddy bear.”
“Well if you’re good Santa might bring you one.” The little boy smiled and got off his lap. It went on more or less like this until there was only person left.
“Marik” Bakura breathed.
Marik went up and sat down on Bakura’s lap and said, “All I want for Christmas is for you to forgive me.”
Bakura let a tear escaped and said, “Merry Christmas,” and hugged Marik.
Five minutes later they were walking out to the car when Marik stopped Bakura and said, “Bakura, I got you a gift,” he then produced a little stuffed kitten.
Bakura saw Marik smiling and Bakura growled, “You know I hate cats.”
Marik just kept on grinning, “Oh, don’t worry. Fluffy is not your real gift. You’ll get that on Christmas.”
Bakura just sighed and said, “Oh well, I guess you don’t want the Buzz Lightyear action figure now, I guess you’ll just have to wait for Christmas”
Marik just stood there.“You give it to me now!”
“No!” Bakura shouted, smiling and he started running. All he was thinking at that moment was
“That was a great day at the mall.”


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