I Want to be a Psychologist

Chapter 1

Here's why:

The other day i was w/ my grandma on my dad's side & we started talking about college & stuff. She asked me wht i wanted to be when i grow up. I was kinda going back and forth between lawyer (specializing in criminal justice), doctor & crime scene investigator. But then i got thinking of how much i could really help ppl if i could see why they are the way they are? If i learned that.....i might even be able to change them so they can be a better person. Imagine, if i can get through to a hundred ppl w/ mental problems, i could prevent so many things like suicide, murder, ra/pe, & so many other things. I would love to be the person to change those ppl. I really doubt many of you care, but to those of you who hav similar dreams, who knows? Maybe one day we'll work together.


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