Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Loki and Thor have been fighting. A lot. And now Odin has gotten quite annoyed. As a punishment they've been 'grounded' to Earth.

But, as Odin knows that chaos will undoubtedly break out if they are left to figure out how to deal with Muggles, Odin has talked with the awesome Prof. Dumbledore, and created a cover story for the two to go to Hogwarts. Will they be accepted? Will they be able to stand the Mortals? What house will they be in? And, will Loki one day join Voldemort or not?

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

by: 68687
Loki just remembered that he had read in that book about Hogwarts that most students in Slytherin turned out bad. Was this true? Loki was the God of Mischief, but they were just pranks.

Thor and Dumbledore clapped.

"Well done to you too Loki," Dumbledore exclaimed as Thor removed the Hat from Loki's head. "Now, about the rules. There is a Forbidden Forest on the edge of the school ground. You are not to go there. And any time you do good things for your house, your teachers will award you points. Any misbehaviour will take away points."

Thor and Loki nodded.


The station in Kings Cross was full. Hagrid lead Loki and Thor, dressed not yet in their robes, but normal Muggle clothing. Hagrid told them how to enter the station, and they did it with the greatest of ease.
In Asguard Loki's and Thor's chambers were right beside each others, so sometimes Loki would create a portal similar to the one at Kings Cross when they were in trouble so the two could talk.

"Now you two, stick to the story, and try to act as Earthly as possible." Hagrid instructed them. The 'story' was that Loki and Thor were two students from the Norwegian school of Magic, and they were chosen by their headmaster that they would go to Hogwarts to create magical school bindings. This story hopefully would not make any of the students suspect that they had the God of Thunder and Lightning, and the God of Mischief learning magic with them as a punishment from their father.

"Aye sir." Thor and Loki responded. Thor was to be in the sixth year and Loki in the fifth. They both hoped that their Asguardian magic would fit in whilst they learned Mortal Magic.

They walked onto the train, both fascinated by the advanced technology on Midguard. The two boys walked past the compartments, hoping to find a place to be by themselves. They eventually found one.

"Seems strange, all of this Mortal machinery. Why can't they just use a Bi-frost or something?" Thor asked.

"Because Thor," Loki responded, "Mortals don't control Magic like we do. Their magic is easier, while our own magic is far more complex."

At this moment, the two boys looked up from their conversation, to a trio of friends. One of them with bright red hair, a pointed nose and a very freckled face. And a girl with bushy brown hair and large front teeth. Then a boy with bright green eyes and jet black hair which stuck up at the ends. He wore glasses and he had a rather odd lightening scar.

"Excuse me, but is this compartment full? We can't find any others." The girl asked. Thor and Loki nodded.

"You two look new." The ginger said. Loki chuckled.

"That is because we are."

The trio found this new black haired boy with the strangest accent they've ever heard.

"Really? Where do you come from?" The girl said. Thor smiled; glad that Loki and he were maybe fitting in after all.

"As- I mean, Norway. We are exchange students." Thor responded. He then looked at the boy with the glasses and looked at Loki. They had the exact same color of hair and eyes.

"Wow." The girl said. "What are your names?"

"I'm Thor."


"I am Hermione Granger. This is Ron," Hermione said, pointing to Ron. "And this is Harry." She said pointing at Harry.

Loki had also while reading, learned about Voldemort and how when Harry was a baby. It amazed him that this Voldemort had been defeated by a mere Mortal child. After all, he was talking to children right now. In Asguard Loki and Thor were considered young, but in fact, they were centuries old.

A very old woman knocked on the glass of the compartment door.

"Anything off the trolley dears?" The woman asked. Trolley? What was that? Mortals have such strange words, thought Loki. But those thoughts quickly were erased from his mind when he saw the treats.

On Asguard Thor and Loki used to gorge themselves with all the treats they could lay hands on. They still did. Thor pulled out of his pockets a rather odd currency in Loki's mind. He had learned that they had been called Galleons, Sickles and Nuts. They looked like Asguardian coins, but not too much.

"That is a lot." Harry said, speaking for the first time. True to Harry's word, before they left Asguard, Odin gave them Asguardian money to exchange with Dumbledore for normal Wizarding money. It turned out that one Asguadian dollar was worth three galleons. Odin had given them about 100. So they had about 300 galleons. Each!

"Well... err... our family has money." Thor said. Loki felt like slapping his hand onto his face for an epic face palm. Idiotic Thor, obviously. Thor was never very modest.

They piled up with sweets, and stuffed themselves with the candy. Loki, Thor, Harry, Hermione and Ron alike.

A few hours later, after the newfound friends got to know each other quite well, they got into their robes. Loki and Thor didn't exactly tell them what houses they were in, as Dumbledore said not to tell anyone for it was a surprise.

They got off the train, walking to the carriages. Thor and Loki could see the Thestrals, since they had been in battles on Asguard before, and they have seen men die.

Before they got off the station, Harry, Hermione and Ron were confronted by three boys. A white blond boy, who seemed puny compared to the other two boys. They were huge! Even bigger than Thor! And that was saying something, as Thor was very muscled and tall.

"I see you've found some new friends. Father told me that he talked with the Minister. They're exchange students." The blond boy said. Loki rolled his eyes.

"Well of course we are. Or does your information mislead you?" He snapped, his tone ringing with sarcasm. The blond boy frowned.

"Well then newcomers, I'd suggest you don't go making friends with that lot." The boy said. "I am Draco Malfoy, and this is Crabbe and Goyle. You'd be better off hanging with the Slytherins rather than the Gryffindor’s."

Loki then felt bad. So is this what the Slytherins were like?

"Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather this lot over you and your baboons any day." Thor responded, a smirk appearing on his face. Malfoy's cheeks went slightly pink in embarrassment and anger.

Thor and Loki heard Hagrid’s voice calling out for them. They said goodbye to their newfound friends and walked over to Hagrid.

"Now, you'll be escorted to the castle by Professor Flitwick. Professor Dumbledore requested it, seeing as he wants you two to be big surprise to the students. It'll be fun." Hagrid explained.

Loki and Thor nodded, and went with Professor Flitwick. The carriage ride was short, and then they saw it. Towering over all the trees, and above the great black lake below it, they saw the castle.

Thor and Loki had just gotten their first glimpse of Hogwarts.

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