Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Loki and Thor have been fighting. A lot. And now Odin has gotten quite annoyed. As a punishment they've been 'grounded' to Earth.

But, as Odin knows that chaos will undoubtedly break out if they are left to figure out how to deal with Muggles, Odin has talked with the awesome Prof. Dumbledore, and created a cover story for the two to go to Hogwarts. Will they be accepted? Will they be able to stand the Mortals? What house will they be in? And, will Loki one day join Voldemort or not?

Chapter 2

Chapter two

by: 68687
On Midguard, Thor and Loki were to meet Professor Dumbledore for the first time in an abandoned-for-the-night Muggle office. The two boys met this gigantic and towering man. He told them his name was Hagrid.

"Well, now Prof. Dumbledore will meet you two soon." Hagrid explained. Hagird was the only man other than Dumbledore and the boys who knew their situation.

The boys walked nervously and they saw a man, who looked amazingly bizarre, even compared to the men on Asguard. He had a very long white beard, and long white hair. He wore long navy blue robes, and a pointed wizards hate, the matching navy colors of the robes.

"I see you have arrived," Dumbledore said, his calm voice reassuring. "Now, my memory fails me, what are your ages again?"

"I'm 16, Loki's 15." Thor responded. Dumbledore smiled.

"This must be a big change for you two, and there is a lot more changes to be occurring soon. I must explain to you the rules and standards of Hogwarts. I assume you both can do magic, yes?" Dumbledore asked. The boys nodded, but Loki somehow managed to find his voice, and he said:

"I am no offense Thor, a bit better-no wait- a lot better at magic than Thor." Thor chuckled and nodded.

"Well, that will be fixed," Dumbledore said. "And as for the explaining of the rules and standards and the way things work at Hogwarts, I'd suggest you take a seat." And with a wave of his hand, Dumbledore conjured plush chairs for Thor and Loki to sit on.

"So first things first. You two must be sorted into our houses." Dumbledore explained. Loki had been reading a bit about Hogwarts and learned the houses. He didn't know what house he'd be put in. But a gusty feeling in his stomach told him that he wouldn't be in the same house as Thor.

"The four houses are, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. And usually for new students you get sorted in the Great Hall and the Start of the School Year Feast. But the age usually for the new students is eleven. And to bear you the embarrassment, I will be sorting you here." Dumbledore explained. And out of nowhere appeared a dirty old wizard’s hat.

The hat had a rip that looked like a mouth, and when the rip opened and said, "Now, who shall I be sorting?” The brothers gasped and jumped.

"Did the hat just talk?"

"Of course I did you blond hippie." The hat responded. Dumbledore and Loki chuckled at the hat. Dumbledore explained that the hat would just be placed on their heads, and the students of the school will be told at the feast that the boys were sorted before the feast.

Thor was first, and inside he heard the Hat say, a lot of courage and boldness. And not really a mind for school eh? Where to put you? Ravenclaw, you'd flunk. Hufflepuff would be too soft. You would never risk the lives of others would you? Where to put you... Better be...

"Gryffindor!" The Hat shouted. Had there been more of an audience, the little clapping might have been louder. But with only two people clapping, it was quite quiet.

"Good job, Thor!" Loki exclaimed. But then, a sudden pang of fear and nervousness went throughout Loki's mind. Dumbledore told Loki it was his turn, and he placed the dirty Hat on top of Loki's head.

A bright mind very bright. And an urge to prove yourself too. Ah, I see. You feel overshadowed don't you? Well, Ravenclaw would suite you well... But what about... I got it. The Hat whispered.


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