Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Loki and Thor have been fighting. A lot. And now Odin has gotten quite annoyed. As a punishment they've been 'grounded' to Earth.

But, as Odin knows that chaos will undoubtedly break out if they are left to figure out how to deal with Muggles, Odin has talked with the awesome Prof. Dumbledore, and created a cover story for the two to go to Hogwarts. Will they be accepted? Will they be able to stand the Mortals? What house will they be in? And, will Loki one day join Voldemort or not?

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

by: 68687
"Hey, hey Loki!" Loki heard Harry call out from behind him. Loki turned around.

"Listen, Professor Dumbledore-"

"Told you that I would be staying with you over the break?"

"Yeah. He told me the whole story." Harry says. Loki nods.

"Well, uh, I heard you were doing DA meetings or something. I over heard it from some nice blond girl in Ravenclaw. She seems a bit off though." Loki says.

"Yup. The way Umbridge teaches it is horrible. So seeing as you brought it up, do you want to be the only Slytherin in the club?" Harry asks.

"That'd be nice. And Harry thanks. You have no idea how awkward it has been trying to act all... Mortalish ." Loki responds. Harry chuckles.

"Try growing up with Muggles then turning out to be the most famous wizard in Hogwarts." He laughs. Loki laughs, and then the bell rings once again, signaling that students should get to class.


The evening went by slow with Umbridge's detentions.

"Mr Odinson, I have some questions for you. But first, would you like something to drink? Tea? Pumpkin Juice? Milk?" Professor Umbride says her voice highly girly which gave Loki a warning not to trust her at all.

"Uh, I don't want anything..." Loki mumbles.

"I want you to have a drink with me. What would you like to drink?" Umbridge demanded.

"Uh... Pumpkin juice sounds fine..." Loki responded. Umbridge smiled sweetly and handed Loki a drink.

"Drink up, drink up." Umbridge said. Loki nodded curtly and as he pressed his mouth on the brim of his cup, his instincts kicked in. Loki shut his mouth and pretended to drink.

"I would like you to answer a few questions for Me." said Umbridge. "Now, where do you come from?"

"Norway." Loki responds simply.

"Drink some more, Mr Odinson." Umbridge says. "What is the true meaning of you being in the school, Mr Odinson?" Loki pretended to sip again.

"An exchange student programme." Loki lied. He knew something was up, and if he paid attention in Potions class, Professor Snape talked about a colorless, odorless potion that can make anyone tell the truth.

"Drink up, drink up." Umbridge said sweetly. "Tell the truth about yourself now, I want to find all about you."

"Why?" He responded.

"Because, it would be good for Teacher-Student bonding." Umbridge replied.


"It would make me understand you."


"Mr Odinson." Umbridge said, her voice growing dangerously sweet. "Talk."


"Because I told you too."


"Mr Odinson! When a teacher tells you to do something, you do it!"




"Because. I said so."

"But... Why?" Loki replied, having a mental smirk. Umbridge's face went red, and she stood up abruptly from her desk.

"Leave. NOW!" She screamed. Being annoying got Loki out of detention, he will surely use this tactic more often now.

Loki left the classroom, and met Harry.

"Detention with Froggie?" Loki asked.


"Watch out, Veritaseum." Loki said.

"Ahh I see." Harry replied. Loki nodded, and walked off, a smirk on his lips. Ah, he loves being the God of Mischief.

A/N: I finally updated my chapter! Bwaahaaahaaahaa, annoying Loki! Teehee, I did this to my biitch teacher the other day, all the Whys? and she completely freaked out xD It might be too much along the lines of Harry's interrorgation with Umbridge in the book. Actually it was exactly like it, but I wanted to make annoying Loki :) CRF! :D

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