Help me please!

I need to ask some advise

Chapter 1

What People Think!

by: blue62

My name is Kayla. Yesterday at school the guidence counsolor took me to the guidence office to disscuss something with me. She was real slow about saying it which freaked me out. I asked if it was about a science test I failed. She said no. She started to tell me that she heard from an outside source that a person named Kayla cut myself or is abused. I was shocked out of my mind! I said No and started to tear up. she asked me questions like Is everything Ok at home? I said yes. i was crying. I thought to myself "Why would she think this?", "Who made up these lies?" she got me to show my arms. all there was was a scratch on my wrist from a thorn tree in a forest! [yes, thorn trees are real] I told my mom about it today and told her I am not abused and don't cut myself. I don't think she beleived me! :((
Please help me.
I don't Know What to do.

But Now it's OK cause It was a blind hunt and my mom showed them who's Boss :)


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