why i am most likly deleteing in the next few days

Chapter 1


alea ( http://www.quibblo.com/user/aleamellark )
and a few others have not been nice by makeing fun of my religon, grammer, spelling, past life ( i had a knife thrown at me and they made fun of me for it but calling it fake), and me not knowing hebrew ( dont bring it up it makes me feel like a disgrace)
now alea dint do all of them but a few others on her page ( look through comments) have said things....
now im not asking you to spam her or be mean
but do what ever you want to her i dont care about her at this point. now she's most lily gonna say " oh it's all your fault jinx that im hated" if alea or tegan or anyone eles says it's my fault it's not since im not telling you guys to do anything -_-
now dont hate on me for makeing this since this is sort of a rant/vent


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