Seven Minutes in Heaven

I was the most popular party at my high school. My friend Amanda was hosting it at her house. The music was blaring the latest tunes and everyone was dancing with drinks in their hands. Amanda led me upstairs to her bedroom where 14 other people were. I had no idea what I had been dragged into. When Amanda told me were playing Seven Minutes in Heaven I groaned. Amanda had everyone write down a number that she assigned them. I saw my crush, Tyler looking at me. I watched as people went in and out

Chapter 1

My Turn

Then i saw the box under my nose. It was my turn. I took a deep breath then reached my hand into the box. I dug around until awhile then pulled out a piece of paper. You can probably guess who's it was. Tyler's. I went into the closet first, my face as red as a tomato. Tyler went in after. At first there was stunned silence. The Tyler said, " So um.....what's new."
" Nothing r " I didn't have time to respond because his lips crashed against mine. At first I was shocked, then I smiled and soaked it all in. We began to makeout. We heard a 5 minute warning. Tyler started his hands up my shirt. Then we madout again, his tongue slowly probing the inside of my mouth. I decided to do the same. Then we heard a 10 second countdown so we broke away and smoothed out our clothes and hair. Then the door opened. Amanda was there.
Tyler whispered, " Um Amanda do you mind if I can take ___ away from this party, I need her to help me with a project." The reason he said this was because Amanda didn't want anyone to leave her parties.
" Did you agree to this ____" Amanda said to me.
" Yes, " I said.
" Then ok you guys can leave," said Amanda. We walked to my mansion. Then we went up to my room. There we had madout for 2 hours straight. Tyler eventually became my boyfriend, and I was nonetheless happier.

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