The Monster Within

Everybody has a hidden side. A part of them that they don't want to show. A fraction of themselves that is hidden in the darkest corners of their minds.
Fear, envy, anger, hatred, pain...
What would happen if that side chose to rebel, became its own person? Most of you would say that it is impossible, and I agree. But that was all until something happened to Claire Hozhowler....

Chapter 1


Jemma banged repeatedly on the bathroom stall. "It's okay Claire," she reassured her friend on the other side. She stopped. "Don't cry about it."

Claire reached out pulling multiple squares of toilet paper and shoved them into her nose. She looked at the letter she held in her hand, not believing what she saw every time she read it.

"Go away!" she hissed.

"Claire, we've been best friends for as long as I can remember," she argued. "I'm not leaving."

Claire unlocked the hatch. She threw herself in Jemma's arms, crying like a little girl. "He's gone," she finally managed to choke out.

Jemma hugged her tight. "I know sweetie."

Claire let go of her. She looked at the paper again before crumpling it and throwing it into the bin a few feet away.

"Are you okay?" her friend asked, obviously worried about her. Jemma knew it was a stupid question.

Claire wiped away her tears. She managed to smile. "I'll be fine."

She was lying. She knew she wasn't going to be fine. Her life -or what was left of it- was falling apart. Her grades were slipping, her little sister -and now her dad- just died and her mum lost her job.

Claire was going to be just fine.

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