hot story with louis tomlinson no.4

You say...

Chapter 1

its beginning!

...I love you”. “I love you too” he said. “I'm not kidding”. “I'm very serious too,I couldn't sleep last night,I was just thinking about you,I was dying cus you didn't call and I ate 2 pills to sleep now, believe it”. You can't speak and just say“come to this address”
After 1 hour bell rings... who is this? “Tomlinson” “heeeeey...nice to meet you,come in” “sorry every where was closed and I could just find it” “oh its my fave chocolate!” “Really?!thanks god!”.
he comes into and kiss your lips sooth and says“ you have chic palace”. “Oh thank you, take a sit I will come back soon”. He takes your shoulder and turns you back “what do you want to do?I came here for you” he is coming closer and you are going closer too, kissing each other wildly and touch you hairs and you take off his shirt and then push him on sofa “WOW! Love it!” He says. He takes off your T-shirt and massages your body and kiss and touch and kiss and touch and lick and touch and kiss...french kiss and sucking... He comes on your body and both of you take off your underwears and start to kiss again and sleep together,he licks you ear and neck and you kiss his muscles and touch them he push it into you and you feel bestest ever.
You sleep in his arms and he kisses you forehead “love you __” he says. “So do I”. “Let's promise to each other to stay with forever”. “I promise to be with you and don't cheat on you until I'm alive”. “I promise that you are my last love for ever baby”. Then start to kissing each other romantically and you sleep in his warm arms til mornin, it was your best sleeping ever in your life.
To be continue...


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