Rock Me (Louis and Eleanor Love Story)

Hey Everyone...This is a story about a girl named Eleanor,who has tried so many times to become a famous singer,but unluckyness runs in her family.(ik she doesnt sing in real life) Her luck changes when she meets Louis Tomlinson on the X-Factor, from the famous band One Direction.Can Louis help her through her struggles? Or will it become to much for her?

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Eleanor P.O.V

It happened again.

As I stood in the middle of the stage, I felt my heart drop again, the 6th time. "This is why you have to vote people!!! This happens every year, you think that everyone is going to vote for them, so you dont vote!!! This should'nt have happened, and I am very sorry to see Eleanor's trip end like this." Everyone was listening to Simon talk, some were even crying. They shouldne be the ones crying, I'm the one that got voted off the X-Factor.

Little about myself, Im Eleanor, and for the past 6 years of my life, I have been trying so hard to make it in the music buisness. Every year I have been favored to win, been the best singer every week, but every time I was voted off. I knew all the cameras were pointed at me, but I was used to this. They did that everytime I was voted off, expecting me to start crying. I never cried, it wasnt in my nature to cry.

"Is there any last thing you would like to say Eleanor?"

The host asked me nicely, and I saw the sympathy in his eyes. He held the mircophone up to my mouth, and I took a quick breath. "Not really...I guess what happens happens soo...I dont want people to feel sorry for me, thats not what I want. I want people to love my music and I guess that wont happen this year so I'll be here again next year." I said finally, not letting a single tear form in my eye. This time was different, but I couldnt understand why.

"You will be dearly missed Eleanor."

I smiled a little bit and something surprised me a little. Simon got out of his chair, walked up on the stage and hugged me tightly. I knew he was a softie on the inside. "Your an amazing singer Eleanor, never forget that and dont give up." He ordered, smiling a little at me. I smiled back, knowing that he knew what he was talking about. He had formed One Direction after all.

"Thanks Simon."

"If you ever need anything, you know my number."

I nodded and the other judges hugged me, and I noticed Caroline crying. "Why are you crying?" I asked her, and she shook her head and hugged me again. I didnt know she was this emotional. "It just isnt fair that this happens to you every year." She sobbed, and I was overwhelmed by how tight she was hugging me. When she fianlly let go, the stage was so croweded I couldnt see where I was, and I fianlly found my way off the stage.

"Eleanor! Over here!"

Of course I had to talk to the papparrazzi. I sighed and walked over there, where the guy with the camera was. Right as they were about to ask me questions, I noticed One Direction standing a few feet away from me, watching the tv on the wall. They all looked at me with shocked look on their faces, but I ignored them and turned back to the camera. One Direction was here because SImon asked them to perform today.

"Eleanor, what are the emotions your feeling right now?"

What were my emotions?

"Well, its basically just the feeling you get when your dream is being crushed over and over and over again."

The reporter looked a little surprised at my sassyness, but I ingored him. "What are your plans for the future?" he asked me, and i saw all the members of 1D stand up, listening intently. i shrugged. "I dont know to be honest...just go back to my fostor parents, take more voice lessons." I didnt really know what else to say, so the reporter thanked me and walked away. Did I forget to mention that I live with fostor parents and my dad's in prizon?

"I want you to Rock Me..."

My phone rang in my pocket and I saw Louis Tomlinson smile out of the corner of my eye at my ringtone. I almost smiled back but I had to answer it. "Hello?" I asked, hearing my foster mom's voice on the other end and kids screaming in the back. "When are you coming home?" She asked angrily, how dumb was she? "I just got kicked off, when do you think I'm coming home?!"I snapped back at her, walking aronud in the hallway a little bit.

"Dont snap at me missy. By the way, your dad's out of prison, you can go get him tomorrow."

"Well I dont.." I trialed off when I realized what she said. My dad was out of prison, which meant I had to go back to him. My dad had gone to prison a few years ago when he lost control and killed my mom. (no that didnt happen in real life) I stood there for a second, not really able to do anything, and Harry was looking at me funny. I brought that phone back up to my mouth.

"What did you say?"

"Your dad is out of prison, what part of that dont you understand?"

I snapped, the phone dropped out of my hand, and I ran down the hallway.

Louis P.O.V

Eleanor started to run down the hall.

I looked at the other guys, "What should we do?" I asked them, and Liam shrugged. "Ummm go after her?" He suggested, and I didnt take any time to think and started to run after her. "I'll go this way!" I heard Harry yell, running the other way. I didnt know which where she turned, but I decided to go right, since left was a dead end. I was running as fast as I could, and I wasnt really watching where I was going, so I felt bad when I ran right into her.

I saw her eyes get wide right before we bashed together, sending her to the ground and me on top of her. When I opened my eyes, I was looking into hers,our faces inches away from each others. I sat there for a few seconds, just staring at her beauty, before I snapped out of it and got off her. "Sorry! I didnt mean to run into you!" She said as I helped her up, panic in her brown eyes.

"I-Its okay. It was my fault."

I was struggling to find words, and Eleanor noticed a little. She smiled shyly and looked at the ground, then looked back up at me. "Why were you running?" she asked me, and I scratched my neck nervously. "Well I was kinda looking for you." I admitted, and she looked at me, a weird look on her face. "Why were you looking for me?" Eleanor asked, leaning against the wall.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay."

Eleanor looked surprised again, this time with thankfullness in her eyes. "Oh..thanks I guess." She said, smiling again. God her smile was pretty. I smiled back at her, and walked over and leaned on the same wall she was leanign against. "I also wanted to tell you how great a singer you are. You shoulnt have got kicked off." I added, remembering when Simon was telling the crowd that.

"Thanks.Means alot coming from you."

"Nice ringtone by the way."

Eleanor blushed and smiled when I said this, making me smile at her shyness. Usually Simon said, she wasnt shy at all. Maybe I could invite her to the club the guys and I were going to tonight...What if she didnt want to? What if she laughed in my face? I almost shook my head at those thoughts, why was I so nervous to ask her?

"Umm I was kinda wondering...if you..."

Eleanor looked at me as I talked, smiling as I blushed a little. "If I would what?" She asked me, and I had to man up and just ask her. "I was wondering if you would like to come to club with the guys and me tonight. I mean, If you want to, I know your probably busy and stuff..." I trailed off, looking at her expression. Eleanor smiled at me. "I would love to." She answered, making me almost breathe a breathof relief.

"Okay then, we'll pick you up at the front door alright?"


Just as I was smiling at Eleanor, the guys all came around the corner, grinning as they saw me. "Hey you two," Harry started, him smiling the most. "Whats going on here?" he asked, making me and Eleanor blush again. I cleared my throat, "I invited Eleanor to the club tonight guys, I hope thats alright." I said, and they nodded quickly, Liam smiling at me.

"Thats perfectly fine!"

They knew they were embarassing me, and I hated it. Eleanor smiled at me however, and I smiled back. "I guess I should get you back to your room." i said finally after an awkward silence. Niall winked at me as I touched Eleanor's arm to lead her down the hallway. "Go get her." Zayn whispered to me as I passed him, and I rolled my eyes, making Eleanor look at me.

"You okay?"

"Im perfect."

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