Quibblo Gravity Falls Family!

Quibblo Gravity Falls Family!

I'm Dipper Pines. I don't care if he's a boy...I'm most like him and Dipper in just awesome...So I'm Dipper,and you better deal with it! XD

Chapter 1

Gravity Falls Family!

Who wants to be in my Gravity Falls family?!?! In my family,I'm Dipper!
(Because I'm most like him.)

(Sister) Mabel Pines: laughalotgal200
(Gruncle) Stan Pines:
(Crush) Wendy: Kymbo3
(Friend) Soos: PhoenixSong114
(Friend) Multi-bear: mooimimi
(Pet) Waddels: 1directioner87

(Lol,I just noticed how small Dipper's family is... XD)


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