GRAVITY FALLS Quibblo Family!

GRAVITY FALLS Quibblo Family!

Yep, like mah Quibblo family. But Gravity Faaaalls! Yee-haw!!!!
(P.s Ya'll should know who these characters actually are to be them. If ya don't watch Gravity Falls, watch it!!! It will blow your mind... literally)

Chapter 1

Gravity Falls Quibblo Family!!

by: Awwyeea
Who wants to be in my gravity Falls Family?!?! In my family, I'm Wendy! (Because I'm most like her)

(Manly Dan) Dad:
Brother 1:
Brother 2:
Brother 3:
(Friend) Dipper Pines: WendyPines
(Friend Clone) Tyrone: rabbitlover2010
(Friend) Mabel Pines: hotgirl0495
(Boss) Stan Pines: PhoenixSong114
(Co-worker) Soos: mooimimi
(Boyfriend) Robbie:
(Friend) Tambry: suspense7
(Friend) Lee:
(Friend) Thompson:
(Friend) Nate:
(Dipper Clone) Tyrone: rabbitlover2010
(Mystery Shack Pet) Waddles: Ralph80Steve


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