You Know Spark Fly...(One Direction Group Story)

This story is by me and Kylina, we hope you like it:))

Chapter 1

Stardust POV

Kylina's Character:
Name: Echo Cowell
Age: 17
Looks: Long curly blonde hair (Almost waist length), Dark green eyes that sparkle when she smiles, tanned, tall 5,3, slim with little curves!
Personality: Sweet

My Character:
Name: Stardust Cowell
Age: 17
Looks: Long black curly hair(Waist Length) Light Blue eyes with speck of gray, very pale, short 4'9, Slim but curvy!
Personality: Trouble Maker

I was packing all my stuff in the last minute, my twin sister, Echo, was helping me. The limo was already waiting for us.

"This is a bunch of bullsh-," I started to say but she cut me off.

"Language!" she quickly interjected.

"You know what I mean! He has never been here for us,and now that our mom died he was to spend time with us!" I exclaimed.

"I agree with you, but that still doesn't mean you can use that language," she replied as she closed the last suitcase," Done...I'm really going to miss this place, this is were we grew up.."

"Me too," I replied truthfully as I got my purse pouch, and got my phone. I decided to text Emmett, my boyfriend.

Hey, I'm leaving the house, I'll text you the new address

I put my phone away as two man carried away my suitcases. I put my phone back in the pouch and grabbed my cigarettes and lighter. As I put one in my mouth and lit up I saw Echo roll her eyes.

"Maybe Simon won't accept that, you know," she replied as I inhaled the cigarette, and waited to a blew the smoke out to respond.

"Simon who?" I asked her with a smirk.

"Our fa-," she started to say, but this time I cut her off.

"Don't you dare say our father, because he's not! He has never been here for us, as a matter of fact, Derek is more of a father to us than he will ever be!" I yelled taking some of my anger out that I had held in in for the past few days on her.

Derek was our mother boyfriend before she died, I got really close to him. He was like a father we never had, he was there to protect us, provide for us, and defend us when Simon was no were to be found.

"I know, I'm sorry," she replied lowering her gaze.

"No, I'm sorry..I lost it," I replied taking another huff of the cigarette.

"No it's okay come on," she said grabbing my hand and pulling me away from my room, my house, and my life.

"Well....the house is big," said Echo as we got down.

"Yeah it is," I replied.

We entered the house with the man right behind us with our luggage. I expected to see Simon, but as usual he wasn't there. Instead there was one of his maid.

"Hello girls, Simon will be here in a couple of hours, for now he wants you to go and pick any room in the house," she said.

"Whatever," I replied passing right pass her and going up the stairs, hoping to find a room with a good view.

"I'm sorry for her..." I heard my sister start to explain as I got to the top of the stairs. The first door I opened I knew I wanted that room.

It was a light blue, a king size bed, a walk in closet, it's own bathroom, a mini office, a couch, bookshelf, and it had a view of the pool, which was perfect.

"This would do, just a little put my picture up, some lyrics on the walls, Christmas lights, and a curtain on the bed," I said speaking to myself.

I went to go find the man who had my luggage, and on my way down I texted Emmett the new address!

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