I'm Deleting This Account.

Notice how I say THIS account? Oh, just read it. THE WHOLE THING!

Chapter 1


Okay, so I've been wanting to make a new account for months, for many reasons, like I hate my username, my age is wrong, I have so many pictures I hate but they take FOREVER to delete, and besides, if I switch accounts and make a story on this one telling people to friend my new one, I'll only get requests from the people that actually cared enough to read the story - some of my friends never talk to me or read my stuff, so.. yeah.

I may never delete this one, I'm not decided on that yet. But if I do keep it, I certainly won't ever log onto it anymore. So anyways, here's my new profile: http://www.quibblo.com/user/SnowAngels So hurry up and send me a friend request nowwwwww!!!


- Everything I ever made on this account can be found be searching cato-killed-all-the-tags into the search bar. The one story I'm writing right now (Run Away, Like It Was Yesterday) has been copied over to my new account, and I'll continue it on there.

- Anyone who was messaging me, Hunter, Nina, Claire, Emma, Lexie, etc. Can just message me on the new account :)

Starting tomorrow, I should be logging onto the other one.. and otherwise, won't be on this one anymore.. so if you still want to be my friend.. points at link above



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