Forbidden Love (A Harry Potter Love Story)

Written by me, thepredator, Britt_by_Britt, volleyballgirl527

Chapter 1


My character

Name: Isabella Nicole Malfoy
Year: same as Fred and George
Love interest: George Weasley
House: Slytherin
Quidditch: chaser
Looks: brown hair that goes to mid back, brown eyes that change to hazel depending on the light, short, tanish
Personality: fun, smart, outgoing, very athletic
Likes: potions, DADA, quidditch
Dislikes: pranks, herbology, anyone who disrespects her family or friends

thepredator's character

Name: Samantha Sirius Potter
Year: same as Fred and George
Love interest: Fred
House: Hufflepuff
Quidditch: Beater
Looks: Black hair, Emarald eyes, tall, Slim and curvy
Personality: Love for trouble but knows when to stop, natural flair for Potions and Defence
Likes: potions, DADA, quidditch, pranks and Rock music
Dislikes: History of magic, hypoctrits and people who are two faced, Hates Peter and voldermort more than anything

Britt_by_Britt's character

Name: Brittany Paige Weasley
Year: same year as Ginny
Love interest: Draco Malfoy
House: Slytherin
Quidditch: beater
Looks: short blonde hair, blue/green eyes, short, kinda big, glasses
Personality: crazy, weird, smart,shy, lazy
Likes: potions, DADA, pranks
Dislikes: snobs and teacher's pets
why love is forbidden: family enemies

~~~~~~~~~~~~Isabella's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~
------------------September 1st------------------

"Madame Bella it's time to wake up you are leaving for your 4th year at Hogwarts in an hour ma'am." That is the first thing I heard when I woke up it was the house elf Dobby. I am nicer to Dobby then anyone else in my family but that's cause I just feel bad he never done anything wrong he was just born into it. But Dobby left my room as I sat up. I then started getting ready. I took a shower put on some short shorts, a tank top and some converse to match my outfit. I then brushed my hair and let it fall down to my back. I then did my makeup lightly. When I was done getting ready I walked down to the dinning room. I sat down as I said "Morning daddy, mum, and Draco." They all smiled and said morning and went back to eating. I then put some pancakes, bacon, eggs, a biscuit, and some sausages on my plate and started eating too. When we all done eating we all went to the platform. When we got there I was hugging my dad goodbye when he pulled away and said "Make sure to stay away from those blood traitors." I nodded and said "I will do daddy." I knew who he was talking about and it was the Weasley's. He never told me it before but when I turned around I understood why it was cause one of the Weasley twins were staring at me. We are in the same year but I have always been away from them so we never talked or anything but I never liked them especially their little pranks they like to pull on people. I then walked onto the train and found the compartment with my friends in it. Soon the train started to leave the platform and that's when the compartment door opened. All of my friends including me looked to see who it was and of course it was those Weasley twins. We all just glared at them as they smiled at us but one of them was smiling at me. I just simply rolled my eyes and said "You might want to leave soon or you will regret it." I am one of the nicest people in Slytherin but my friends looked at me and that's cause I'm the meanest out of all of us. The twins just nodded and one of them said "We will see you around Bella." I just rolled my eyes and they left us alone. Before I knew it we were at Hogwarts and the sorting was going on. We got a Weasley in Slytherin hmmm this might be interesting. Maybe I can get her to be one of my friends but make her just like us Slytherins and not like her family. This could be some major fun.

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