mommy's and daddy's little monster

hi im selena
im mommy's and daddy's little monster
i have a secret i cant tell....

Chapter 1

chapter one

selenas POV

i heard mommy an daddy yelling again. stupid little fvckers.... i hate my parents i wanna kil them. why? they suk and they are mortals.... well im sure they are. my parents think i have no idea daddy hit's mommy but i know. francly that little fvcker needs a good hit and i prefere daddy since he has a like a ounce of the secrets blood.... i call what i am the secret.... duh....ugh.....

i wa splaying with my stupid dolls when the doorbell rang. me being home alone went to awnser it and act like a normal 9 year old. i ran over and opened to relvele a guy who looked about 15

guy: hey im dark i just moved here is your mommy or daddy home?
right away i could tell he wasnt normal..... so i did what i do best
Me: listen dark im not normal and neither are you. so back off or i will go secret on you and ps im selena mommy's and daddy's little monster!
with that i slamed the door in his ugly face.... ok fine he looked super cute but oh well

darks POV

that little girl has guts. and she's really pretty.... ok what am i saying i need to be heartless and cold..... but i really like selena.... STOP IT DARK.... i am about to get to my house and if my parents hear what im thinking im dead fangs.... ha my family's joke.... well i entered in and saw my father at the door looking rather....well.... pissed

Me: father is something.... the matter?
father: i heard part of your thoughts son
Me: - grits teeth- it was a spur of the freakin moment
father: it better have been you un grateful twit

with that i left to go up to my room. ugh i hate this house it's so small....

awhile later i heard a knock at the door....

selena POV
my dumb person of a mother wanted me to go and give the new people some candy. great. i got the box and went to their house i knocked on their door. then a weirdo woman opened it
woman: aww arnt you just so.... sweet
she knew it was a lie so i threw the candy into her hands and left. dumb little fvcker..... with that i went home

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