mommy's and daddy's little monster ( chacter infor)

hi im selena
im mommy's and daddy's little monster
i have a secret i cant tell....

Chapter 1

......HI XD

Name: selena topaz
hair: black
eyes: red
age: 9
style: gothic but acts girly
fav color: black but says it's pink
personallity: she acts like a normal 9 year old but really she wants to kill her parents
im mommy's and daddy's little monster
i have a secret....... do you wanna know it?
well to bad... hehehe see i evil....

Name: Mary topaz
hair: blonde
eyes: blue
age: 26
fav color: sky blue
personallity: kind and loveing
hello i am selena's mom and i have been worried about her..... most likly just a faze though... oh and my husband hits me....

Name: Dan topaz
hair: brown
eyes: green
age: 28
fav color: brownish red
personallity: mean and angry
hello my daughter is insane. she acts all weird while my stupid wife thinks it's a fase and did i mention i hit my wife? she's a stupid b.itch and as soon as my daughter turns 10 i will hit her too

Name: dark false
hair: black
eyes: dark red
age: 207 ( he's a vampire)
fav color: blood of his victums
personallity: acts mean and cruel but really he hates voilince but acts this way so his parents wont hit him
hey wassup im dark and my parents hit me... alot.... and...alot but what ever im 207 yeah im a vampire live with it.... my mom is 509 and my dad is 957.... time to leave soon so bye


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