Is this normal? (please read Part 2)

Please read, Its really weird and I want to know if its normal/common for this to happen....

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
Ok, so I tend to talk to myself and make up scenarios in my head like all the time and by all the time, I mean, everyday....Whether I'm eating breakfast, talking a shower, or going to bed, I have imaginary conversations with people. Sometimes I re-enact my dreams and stuff....I know talking to yourself is like good for you but I do this like...all the time...

For example, I would be alone in my room and I would random just start talking to someone in my head as if they were right in front of me. And its like I'm day dreaming but I'm aware of what is going on and it goes my way.

Another example is that yesterday, I was in my room and there was this girl from my dreams (I have no idea who she is in real life) and she is the bi*chiest girl ever and she just starts like making fun of me and all that junk and I would just start throwing back words at her and like make hand gestures like putting whip cream in her shirt and I would smile to myself and I would just go back to whatever I was doing and eventually do it again but with another scenario.

I was thinking about this yesterday and I started talking to my school psychologist out loud like I was talking to her at school. Its like I want events to happen so I act them out?

Can someone explain to me this? Is it normal? Does this happen to you? Do I have problems and if I do, should I see a doctor?

What are your thoughts? Please tell! ....and help! D:

I sometimes hallucinate too... o.O Sometimes...very rarely...

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