The Legilimen and The Seer

This is about Lupin's daughter, Audrey. Along with a girl named Raven Day. This story will follow their view of the whole Harry Potter story up to Deathly Hallows filled with drama and excitement. This is a group story done by me and my dear friend Sarah,sarah2boo3. Her oc is Raven and mine is Audrey. Please rate or comment. Thank you

Chapter 1


If you are a new reader you can read Audrey's story so far on my page and Raven's on Sarah's. Now to catch up all the new readers of this story on basic information.

Name: Audrey Veronica Lupin

Nickname: Auddi

Birthday: 6 May, 1978

Blood: Half-blood


Pet: Black cat with white all around his head called Equinox

Height: 5"4 grows up to be 5"11

Looks: dark brown wavy hair that comes just passed her shoulders with bangs, fair skin, has a scar on her neck from her dad when she didn't get away in time when he was werewolf, has an hourglass figure.

Personality: bold, funny, ambitious, logical, brave, sometimes stubborn,and helpful

Likes: quidditch (plays chaser), pranking her friends,helping students, plays drums, and being a mentor to the younger children.

dislikes:cocky pure wizards, deatheaters, and Slytherins

Best friends: Fred, George, Angelina, Katie, Oliver, Lee Jorden, Harry, Ron, Hermione,all the other Gryffindors

Enemies: Fenrir Greyback , Marcus Flint,Antonin Dolohov, Draco Malfoy, and Cho Chang

Abilities: Legilimency(being able to see memories from another person's mind)

Wand: 9", Willow, Dragon Heartstring

Other: her dad is Remus Lupin,her mother was Elizabeth Andy(one of Lily's friends/Pure) sadly she died two years after Audery was born. Helps Harry out from information from her dad and just by herself. Over the 15 years, she's been with her two best friends Fred and George Weasley. Just recently, she has started dating her childhood crush George. The story will start up at the beginning of Goblet.

House: Gryffindor

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