Santa's apprentice and Jack Frost

This story is mainly about Santa's apprentice, who is a human girl, and how she copes with the work, the magic and meeting Jack Frost.

Chapter 1

Santa's Apprentice

by: violet333
I tugged at my beret, feeling bad for the kid that I was about to put on the naughty list. I believed there was no such thing as a bad kid just a kid who does bad things. But the system was the system and I knew Santa wasn’t about to change it just because his apprentice suggested it. It was so annoying .Christmas had only been three days ago and we already had to get back to work. But when there are 3 billion kids in the world it makes sense. The one time we did get a break was the amazing end of the year guardian party, the greatest party in the universe thrown by no other than Santa Clause himself. “Erika!” Mrs. Clause’s voice called. “One second!” I called back. I twisted my mouth, checked off naughty and rushed into Mrs. Clause’s personal kitchen. “Yeah?”
“This is the end of the year party invitation list. Be a dear and send them out.”
“No problem.” I answered cheerfully, happy to get to do something other than the list. I took it and scanned it. I didn’t know why she bothered making one every year, it was always the same. The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Mother Nature, the Sandman and – “Jack Frost?! You’re inviting him?” I asked, surprised. I didn’t mean to be rude, I was just shocked. The Clauses thought of him as a troubled boy. They didn’t really dislike the idea of inviting him but all the other guardians refused to come if he did. I found him intriguing. I had only seen him a couple of times at the annual mandatory guardian meeting since I became Santa’s apprentice three years ago. But last year he caught me staring at him when I was serving the guardians snacks. He gave me the most brilliant grin and winked at me with his bright blue eye. I always hoped Santa would let him come. It was weird and stupid that out of all the wonderful and important guardians that I didn’t know existed three years before, I was attracted to the one who makes snow, ice and cold. Which I don’t particularly like, even though I live in the North Pole and before that Canada. But the reason I found him interesting was obvious but embarrassing. He was rebellious, hot, kind of a loner and mischievous. Besides, I didn’t have any real contact with other teenagers. Just sweet but old Mrs. Clause, way too busy for me Santa and the fun but silent elves. He isn’t actually a teenager; he’s a solid 3 thousand years old. But, I can totally over look that if he could overlook the fact that I was just a human. “Yes, I convinced him to allow Jack to come. I know you’ve always wanted to meet him.” Mrs. Clause said. I blushed. How the hell did she know that! I hugged her. “Thanks, Mrs. Clause.”
“Don’t mention it hon.” She smiled.
“I’ll go do these invitations.” I said and walked away before my face got any redder.

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