emma ( the ghost story)

this is a little scary..

Chapter 1


there was once a happy 6 year old girl
she lived during the late 1800's
she was one day in the living room playing with her wooden blocks
when her dad came home
he was covered in dirt and red in the face and he looked beat up
then he saw his little girl on the floor
and removed the horse wip from the back of the door
and began to wip her daughter
the wip made a horrible cracking noise
crack crack crack
emma screamed for help
help me please!
but no one came
this happened everyday after that
until one day
she had turned 16 a few days before
when she suddenly died
some say her heart stopped from the lose of blood
others say it was just her time
a few years later
a new family moved in
a mom a dad and a little 6 year old girl
that night
the mom was tucking the little girl in
when she turned around
emma was there
the woman was about to ask emma why she was here and who she was
when she dropped dead
emma had blood all over her
the little girl was screaming
emma then went and killed the dad
6 years later
the girl had turned 12
emma returned
the girl freaked out and attacked emma
emma just smiled
the girl then grabbed a knife and began to stab emma
emma just smiled
then the girl dropped dead
familys kepy moveing in and moveing out
because every time they had a kid
the next morning they found the child dead
no blood no nothing
but one day
a new family moved in
a mom a dad and a little girl
the little girl woke up at just about midnight
to get a drink of water
she walked down the hall way
and into the liveing room
the house looked a little scary in the dark
but then the little girl
saw emma
sitting on the couch
so the little girl went up to emma
and before she could say anything
emma said " im sorry"
and then emma was gone
the little girl never saw emma again
no one did
but some say
if you walk around the living room
at just about midnight
you can hear the faint crack of a wip
crack crack crack
and the faint sound of a little 6 year old girl crying for help
help me please!


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