Darcy Styles

This story is about Harry's son, Darcy and Caoimhe (Kee-Vah). Hope you like it :)

Chapter 3


"Hello?" I answered my phone,
"Hey it's Lachie," A smile spread across my face,
"Hey Lachie, how are you?"
"Better then I was five seconds ago," I laughed,
"Oh, really what could've possibly happened in five seconds to uplift your mood?" I asked already knowing the answer,
"Well a really beautiful girl who is out of my league answered when I called her," He said making me blush,
"She must be a really lucky girl," I smiled,
"I'd be luckier if she said yes to a date?" He asked,
"What time?"
"Is that a yes?" he sounded excited,
"It is." I smiled, I could hear his celebration in the background,
"How's 7:00?"
"7's great I'll meet you at the beach," I started to imagine my outfit,
"Cool, see you then." I hung up and ran around putting an outfit together.

"Wow you look, well as beautiful as normal," Lachie smiled as I hugged him,
"Thanks and you're looking as sexy as ever," I winked and he laughed,
"Ha thanks, where do you want to go?" He smiled,
"How about Nando's?" I asked,
"Sure. My treat." He held my hand as we walked to Nando's.

When we got there the worst possible thing was there. Darcy Styles.
"Hey Fatty, you sure you want to eat?" He smirked.
"That's where you went Darcy," His dad walked up behind him, "Ah, you must be Caoimhe," He greeted me, "Darcy talks alot about you,"
My heart sunk. Why would he say those awful things about me to his father. By this time Darcy had turned red.
"Dad!" He turned to look at the infamous Harry Styles.
"Well, don't believe any of it," I laughed weakly adding a fake smile, "This is Lachie," I said introducing him into the awkward conversation,
"Darcy didn't say you had a brother," Harry shook Lachie's hand,
"No, sir I'm her date," Lachie smiled politly. Darcy looked up shocked that I could actually get a date.
"Well then please don't let us interupt you," Harry smiled, "C'mon Darcy,"
"Bye Mr. Styles, bye Darcy." I smiled as they walked past.

"Are you okay?" Lachie asked as we sat down at a table,
"Uh, yeah, no. I'm not sure," I bit my lip and looked at the menu, "I'm not really hungry," I said putting it back down,
"Don't let what that tosser said affect you Cai. You are beautiful just the way you are." He stared into my eyes, "Plus if you don't eat you're going to get anirexic." He shrugged. I laughed and picked up the menu again,
"Good point," I smiled scanning the menu.

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