Darcy Styles

This story is about Harry's son, Darcy and Caoimhe (Kee-Vah). Hope you like it :)

Chapter 2

School -_-

I sighed and pulled my books out for class then shut my locker. I walked into homeroom to be greeted by Bec, "Hey girl,"
"Art right?" I asmed looking at her books,
"Yeah what about you?" She asked looking down at what I was holding,
"Music," I confermed,
"Yep, with Darcy," I sighed, "Why did god pick my favourite subject for him to be in?"
"Because he thought your life was too easy," Bec smiled walking off to art, "Bye,"
"Yeah," I sighed walking to music,

"Okay class today I will put you in groups of about four and you will write a song and put it to a music video."
She read out names, "Caoimhe Hart, Dylan Tomlinson, Jared Horan and Darcy Styles," The boys snickered and elbowed Darcy.
She didn't say that!
"But Miss!" I started to protest,
"No if's, what's or but's!" She stared down her nose at me,
"Yes Miss." I grumbled.
Worst thing to happen to music since screamo was declared a genre.
"You will each get a private room-"
"From each other," I mumbled,
"And you will spend the rest of the year with your group." She finished,
"Caoimhe, your group will get room 13." She smiled not realising she had just said the words that made her Chritmas gift dissapear. I walked ahead of the boys and went into our room. I sat in the cornor, Dylan sat at the piano and Jared grabbed a guitar.
"So you play piano and guitar?" I asked looking between the two of them.
"Why you impressed?" Darcy snickered from the door frame,
"No. Surprised." I sneered back. "Look pretty boy, don't expect me to get along with you. After all you've put me through don't expect me to agree with you on anything excpet the fact that we HATE each other!" I raged.
"Wow, took the words right out of my mouth Fatty," He smirked. I held the tears back but my voice betrayed me,
"I'm getting a note pad." It shook as I spoke.
"Dude too far this time." I heard Jared say as I walked out.
I ran to the bathroom and cried thanking the fact that I don't wear make-up.
"Am I really fat?" I asked the mirror,
"You obviously think so," The reflection replied looking down at my wrist. I pulled down my sleeve, "You can't hide them from me, I am you."
"Ugh," I walked back to the room, dragging my feet.
"...Dude you can't treat her like crap." I heard Jared say,
"I know but how can I tell her I am truely and deeply in love with her." Darcy sighed, "This is so hard!"
"Aww, you poor thing don't know which girl to sleep with?" I rolled my eyes and he jumped at my voice.
"At least I can get a date!" He shot back,
"Can we please just start song-writing?!" Dylan asked annoyed at our bickering.
"Fine with me!" I sat down.
"As long as she doesn't sing!" Darcy shot me a glare,
"Well sorry I'm not related to an international popstar!" I sneered back.
"Shut up the lot of ya!" Jared yelled.
"Yeah, look mate we're your friends but you can't talk to Cai like that." Dylan said softly,
"Fine! Let's just start writing!" Darcy growled,

This is going to be a long year.

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