Darcy Styles

This story is about Harry's son, Darcy and Caoimhe (Kee-Vah). Hope you like it :)

Chapter 19

Clean Up

Dylan helped me get Darcy inside his room and on his bed, waking up Harry in the process. "What happened?" Harry asked, he didn't look very surprized.
"Some guys at the party called me a slut ," I explained, he nodded and started to assess the damage inflicted upon Darcy.
After a few minutes Dylan was dismissed with a simple, "He'll be fine," and he returned to the party.
Harry slumped on the bed and sighed, "I'd better clean him up,"
"I'll do it." I offered,
"Are you sure?" He looked at me with tired eyes,
"Yes, you look exhausted, go back to bed, I promise I'll take care of him." I smiled,
"Okay, thanks Cai." He grinned walking to the door,
"You're welcome, good night Harry,"

I looked down at Darcy, still unconscious. I walked to the bathroom and grabbed a face cloth, I turned on warm water and held it underneath until it was completely drenched. I squeezed out the excess water and walked back to Darcy, his shirt was removed with Harry's examination and the blood, cuts and bruises were on full display.
I gently wiped away the blood from above his right eye, cheek and his cut lip. I heard him groan weakly and I pulled the cloth away.
"Darcy?" I asked softly,
"It's okay you can keep going," He grinned, dimples popping,
"You sure?" I bit my lip,
"It'll hurt less than a shower." He wriggled slowly until he sat up,
"Okay," I nodded and began to clear the blood from his chest. I bit my lip in concerntration and my hand seemed to slow down tracing the outline of his abs. Darcy chuckled and I looked up, "What?"
"Girls always do that," He looked so cocky and smug.
"I was cleaning the blood! You fell on glass." I defended,
"Sure, sure." He grinned and I pushed on his wound, "Ow!"
"I'm sorry, my hand, it just slipped." I shrugged.
"Uh huh, really..." He raised his eyebrow,
"Yes, you sexest arse." I stuck my tongue out.
"Well it's true!" He smiled, "Girls love abs!"
"Not all of them." I protested, and continued to mop up his injuries,
"You can't honestly sit there and tell me you don't like abs," He continued,
"I don't judge a person on their body." I looked at him and he smiled,
"But it does help," He nudged,
"You are impossibly self absorbed." I sighed,
"No, I'm realistic." He stated, "Everybody judges on looks,"
"I don't." I leaned forward to wipe his collar bone,
"You must sometimes," He whispered huskily,
"I used to, when I was younger," I whispered back, consumed in the removal of the red liquid, "Then I realised that everyone else judges each other so I decided to try to stay out of it."
"That was very noble of you."
"I discovered that not many people had the same epiphany as me so I kept my head down and tried my best to be invisible." I looked into his green eyes, they'd darkened a shade or two.
"I'm sorry," He whispered as his lips connected with mine.

I am so so so so so so sorry that it took me soooo long to write, just a whole bunch of homework catching up on me. SORRY!

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