Darcy Styles

This story is about Harry's son, Darcy and Caoimhe (Kee-Vah). Hope you like it :)

Chapter 1

I Hate Him.

"Oh, you're so thin Cai!" Bec sighed. Darcy laughed,
"Cai? Thin? Please!" He scoffed,
"Darcy stop being so mean," Maddy smirked hanging off his arm. I rolled my eyes and walked back down to the beach.
Why did they have to be here?
Darcy. He was the most popular boy in school. Mostly because his dad is that famous singer Harry Styles. He was so annoying! And he seemed to love to pick on me.
Then there was Maddy. She is the biggest slut in the school. All you need is money and you'll have her attention. But she's popular so no one cares.
I'm not at the bottom of the food chain in high school, I'm somewhere in the middle. It's just the fact that Darcy hates me so much that my status has sunk a bit.
"CAI!" Bec finally caught up to me, "Geez girl, stop walking so fast!"
"Oh, sorry," I looked down, "Am I really fat?" I asked,
Bec looked at me funny, "Why are you talking crazy?!"
"I don't know it's just Darcy keeps saying I am and I'm starting to believe it,"
"No, Darcy's just trying to be a somebody, you are perfect." She smiled,
"Thank's Bec," I hugged her,
"Nice bikini by the way," She whispered making me laugh,
"Do you want to play football?" She smiled,
"Soccer?" I asked,
"Oh right that's what Aussies call it," She grinned, "Well?"
"Sure," We grabbed a ball and started kicking it around, I put all those tricks I had learned over the years I had spent playing soccer into action. Bec walked up and grabbed my wrist,
"Two guys over there are totally checking you out!" She whispered smiling,
"That's only coz I'm showing off," I said looking at them, "Hey they're cute," I waved at them and they waved back,
"Ohmigod!" Bec gasped, "Why did you do that?"
"Calm down, Bec,"
"They're coming over!" She whispered again,

"Hey girls," The one with blue eyes, brown hair and tanned skin grinned, "You're pretty good with a football,"
I laughed mentally, "Thanks, you want to play?" Bec looked at me, eyes wide,
"Sure, how about two on two?" He had a really good smile.
"Sounds good, so whose on who?" I looked at Bec who was freaking out at this point.
"I'll go on your team," The brown eyed boy smiled at Bec who smiled back,
"Looks like I'm on your's," Blue eyes smiled, "I'm Lachie by the way,"
"It's nice to know blue eyes has a name," He laughed, "Cai," I shook his hand and heard some muttered greetings on Bec's side.

"Aww, looks like the whale met some friends," I heard Darcy call out, I closed my eyes and took a breath,
"Is he talking about you?" Lachie asked looking between Darcy and me,
"Yeah, just ignore him, let's play," I faked a smile and kicked the ball to Lachie's friend. The ball was passed around a far bit before we got a goal.
"Ha!" Lachie laughed and hugged me.
"Oh no, she almost squashed him!" Darcy called out again laughing.
Lachie walked up to where Darcy and his crew were. He looked alot taller then Darcy. "That is no way to talk to a lady!" Lachie growled but kept his composure. "Apologise. Now." Darcy looked a bit scared from the older boy towering over him. He looked at me and shot me a glare,
"Sorry," Darcy managed to turn it into an insult some how. I hate that boy. Him and his drew skulked off and Lachie came running back,
"Hey," He smiled,
"Thank you," I said,
"Nah, you don't have to thank me." He picked up the ball, "Next goal wins!"

Bec and Dan won. It was a cheap shot but fair. "We won!" Bec smiled hugging Dan.
"I need to go, but I want a rematch!" I laughed,
"Here," Lachie handed me his phone. "You can put your number in and we can arrange something," He winked. I smiled and typed in my number,
"Here you go," I handed his phone back, "Call me," I winked at went to go change.

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