hot story with louis tomlinson no.2

And what will happen... Pls comment to know I have to continue or not. Thanks
I wish that you enjoy it!:D

Chapter 1

in the closet

He comes to you and your heart is beating fast...he hold your waist and both of you smile “let's do it...”He said.“What to do?” ( With smile). He comes closer and you start kisssssage... And no shy anymore... He pulls you to wall and takes your hands up and kisses your neck...touch your body and takes you waist... . “Touch my body”you said. Then he takes off your dress and touch your stomache, waist,back,shoulders and then open your bra take your SOMETHING, you kiss him, take his beauty face in you hands and say“I feel my heartbeat, I feel your love in my heart...” He intrests and laughs “are you serious?!”He said. “Is it bad?sorry I didn't know,let me...“ You shy.he puts his finger on your lips “ was best moment of my life.” And then kisses you very romantic. Somebody nocks the door and you smile and hold him, he holds you too and kiss your forehead.
You both go to down stairs and every body turn and look to you and girls wanna to kill you!(If I were you I talked back to them:-p)
The party is ending and your best friend is going and you have to go too:( you shake hand with each other and say good bye“_____ can I have your number?” Your heart messed up(yesssssssssssss! Said in your heart) but very soothing say“yes,actually”
You are inside of door and he says quiet in your ear...“_____...


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