Carrots (1D Love Story)

So me and Kelly are writing this.

Sara and Kelly: Best Friends and Main characters
Liam: Kelly's Brother
Zayn: Sara's Brother
Harry and Louis: Guys who are in love with Sara
Niall and Zayn: Guys who are in love with Kelly.

Chapter 2

Stop please!

So I'm Liam's little sister and of course he overprotective of me! He won't let me date any boys after I got hurt by my ex boyfriend Brian. Sara, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn are my best friends. Sara is Zayn's little sister and I always go to her for everything. I sat down on the couch and than next thing you know, Zayn and Niall sat on the sides of me. I don't even want to get into the whole Zayn loves me and Niall loves me thing. It gets very annoying unfortuantely!

I faked smiled and said "Hi Niall..Zayn".

Niall hugged me tightly and said "Hi Kel".

I could see the anger in Zayn's eyes. He said "Get off of her Niall, she not yours".

Niall let me go and than stared down at Zayn. I gulped and said "Liam help!" Liam walked over to me and got me away from the couch. I went over to Sara and just sighed. This always happen and I'm tired of it! They always ask me who I love but I don't know yet! I saw them both get up and I saw Zayn was going to punch Niall.

My eyes went big, I went over to them and said "Zayn stop please!" I saw Zayn's fist go up and went to Niall but Niall ducked and it hit me instead. I fell down to the ground crying.

Zayn softly said "Kelly I'm sorry". Liam helped me up and hugged me tightly. I know I couldn't see it but I could tell Liam was pissed.

I said "Liam...Sara help me with my eye that like throbbing right now". They both nodded and took me upstairs. Ugh why did this have to happen!

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