ThanksGiving.. only in US and Canada?

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in my country. So, I always wondered..
What is Thanksgiving? Why don't most countries celebrate it?

Chapter 1

My Thanks Giving

by: Mermaid23
As a little girl I always wondered about what ThanksGiving is. I used to ask my teachers about it but they always used to say, "It's an American Holiday." Not that descriptive, right?

As I grew up, I started to surf the net and search for ThanksGiving to find out more about it as I was curious to know. But everything written on net about it was so "technical." And so I started to think "what's so special about it? It's just a family dinner with Turkey" (no offense).

So the only conclusion I came up with was, 'ThanksGiving is an American holiday where friends and families gather on dinner to eat a big turkey". Yep. That pretty much describes what I used to think about ThanksGiving.

The "ThanksGiving curiosity" chapter ended.

After years, with that ThanksGiving description in my mind, Quibblo's contest came up and I started to read the participants stories.

As I read their stories, I flashed back to my yummiest memory. Where all my friends, family and our neighbors were celebrating 'Muharram' (Muslim New Year) on our apartment roof. Though my family and relatives were the only muslims there :p

And so I decided to share this story with you guys.

I was only three years old at that time, so, I dont remember everything. But I do remember this very clearly..,

I was on our apartment roof with my friends. Looking here & there at my neighbors and relatives who were roaming around the roof waiting for 'Haleem' (I call it 'khichda') to be served.

I looked at my mom who was cooking Haleem in this huge utensil with my aunt, uncle and some neighbors helping her.

Haleem is basically a rich, thick FLAVORFUL curry with different types of grains, lentils, legumes and meat in it. It is garnished with fried onions (optional) and chopped coriander leaves. And yes of course lime juice! -sour-
It's cooked for hours so you have a long way to go with your salivating mouth.

The smell of Haleem spread all over the roof making everyone hungrier.

So my mom, aunts, uncles and neighbors were cooking the Haleem. Meanwhile, me, my sister and our friends were running everyehere in the apartment talking about Haleem and imagining it's taste (as we had nothing else to do), though, I had never tasted it, but only listening to them left a great impression of Haleem on my mind.

Finally, (after waiting for 4 hours, Not counting preparation time), with Haleem's delicious, mouthwatering aroma spread all over the neighborhood, the Haleem was ready. My mom first served it to our guests, who were our neighbors and relatives. And then she came towards me, handed me a bowl full of Haleem, mmm... that smell made me salivate even more.

And the moment had arrived.. My first ever taste of Haleem which I was about to remember for the rest of my life... I wasted no time and took my first bite of the Mighty Haleem..

The first bite of Haleem bursted flavor after flavor in my mouth.., the lime juice had added a tangy-Sour taste to it. That tender meat, yum!, just a hint of coriander, the soft legumes soaked in the curry's flavors, spices, a little bit of smokyness, Indian flavors combined with Arabic and Pakistani flavors worked just great.

I had just started to understand flavors so it was new to me. And It was DELICIOUS!

And from that moment on it was on top of my most favorite dishes... and I love the food my mom cooks, so, no other Haleem satisfies my taste buds. Just the one my mom cooks. She knows how to add "flavor" to it.

After taking a few more bites, I looked around and saw.... people! I was so lost in that yummy Haleem that I completely forgot that I'm surrounded with my relatives, friends and family who were starring at the grin on my face!!.lol xb

Everyone was enjoying it as much as I did. Enjoying each and every bite of it.

Though no one was talking to me (because I was so small and everyone was hungry :), I enjoyed being around my family. It made me feel warm inside. It brought my family close as we all enjoyed our family time together.
And the Haleem was "cherry on cake".. (I couldn't think of anything else. But you got the picture, right?)

This memory ended with me sitting in a dim light room and my uncles and neighbors bringing a huge utensil, half filled with Haleem, in my house.. My treat wasn't over yet >:]

Our families still come together for these kind of dinner parties. Not that much as we used to, due our busy lives, but still we grab every opportunity we can. And I still enjoy spending time with them and of course, I enjoy the meals as well. But nothing had ever compared to that Muharram's Haleem.. That was the Best meal of my life..

After coming back from my flash back, I realized that.. THIS IS WHAT THANKSGIVING IS!

"It's not about sitting around a table with relatives to eat turkey! but use it as an excuse to take some time out of our busy lives to bring together families, and spend some quality time with our friends, families and relatives.."

So is ThanksGiving only a US and Canada thing?
I say..
Every country celebrates ThanksGiving. It's just that every country has it's own name for it, but the same reason behind it..

And It doesn't necessarily has to be on a "national holiday"

After all, ThanksGiving is all about spending some quality time with family and friends. And a meal. Just to remember it :)

Thanks for reading :]


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