Forbidden Love (A Jack Frost Love Story)

Forbidden Love (A Jack Frost Love Story)

If u r younger Than 9 plz do not look up these songs.
Name:Ana Yantasu
hair:Jet back and strait (shes emo)
Siblings:2 1.Suzy,6 2.Joe,2

Chapter 1


by: KatBlack
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" I heard my little sister suzy scream "eugh" i muttered and put slim shady on on my phone which was an iphone 5. to explain why i had some of this cool stuff most kids dont has like an indoor theater,bolwing ally,and personal servent is well because my dad is the presedent now u expect a girl to be happy with all this stuff but its not i dont have friends i cant go out of my house without getting raided by papparazi much less school in which im the most popular student and giving autographs to everyone (and i literaly mean EVERYONE like teachers ect...) so i was just laying in my room on my bed listening to slim shady and watching tv on my ceiling the way i like it i make up the dialoge.Then when slim shady was over i decided to take a little nap. I dreamed that i was in a desert starving and dying of thrist right before i was going to colapse i heard a voice saying "Ana Ana" and poking my stomich i thought i ws going mad but i more hard poke in the stomich and woke up And felt my foot going numb "ow suzy get of of my foot ur cutting of the circulation" i said she got off and told me dad wants me i groaned and slid off the bed and walked around a minute geting feeling back in my foot after that i went to my dads office. i dont hate my dad or anything its just im depresed and hes trying to cheer me up ever since my dad became the stupid president ive been emo and people love my dad and r asking him to take away the law that says a president can run 4 only 2 terms because they want him to be the president 4 like ever because my dad is awsome not one bit rasist and loves everyone he not a democrat or republican my dad loves the world so much before my dad was president and when he was a little boy up to now hes traveled the world and we all have little trinkets to prove it when i got to my dads office i saw my favorite animal the black giant panda (we know this dosent exsist but hey its fiction duh!!!!!) I screemed with joy and hugged it there so huge and warm and not firse at all unless accidentally hitting u with its lunch (bamboo) count which i belive dosnt my dad got me something that cherred me up 4 a little and i took it to my room (time passed) my panda was in a corner dozing while i was on my window looking into the cool miday winter clouds and felt so lonly Jack (the panda) dosnt count i needed a human interaction so i decided to go under cover i put on a little bit of warm clothing i dont mind the cold mom says im cold blooded i agree i got my ice skates and put them in my backpack and told george my servent to tell my father im going to the pond about a few bocks away and then i left the few blocks on my street deserted people hating the snow and ice i walked down the lonly street keeping my hood up and my head down a few minutes later i arved at the pond and saw a snowball fight happining i smilled devilishly and joined in people gaked at me for a moment then decided to throw snowballs at me then a boy with white hair said we should spit up in teams and he and anotther boy were team captains the boy with the white hair chose first he chose mehe was lucky too i have good aim,good throwing,and best of all good looks. This boy liked me like every other boy on the planet the boy glared at jack and a girl came over to him and flicked him on the forehead and joined him team i was preety sure that was his girlfriend she glared at me and i retured the glare after that we had the snowball fight our side won mostly because me and jack the boys name so i started calling him my panda he thought it was ironicly funny then we had a figure skating contest but something terrible happened when i was spinning in the air my ankle twisted and i fell on it then the ice cracke the same time my foot did and i fell troough the ice jack stratened up and dived into the water grabed me and pulled me up and wrapped me in dun dun dun a pink blanket i didnt care all to much cause i felt kike an ice cube and even colder when jack was next to me he radiated cold i was shivering and a few minutes later my mom dad suzy and joe came runing to me carefull not to touch my right leg the one i broke then they asked me all that happened but i was to cold to talk and i pointed to jack who was dripping wet like me and he told them the story not really minding the cold and during the story i had suzy bring me my backpack i shuffled through it and found a jacket big enough 4 him and i gave it to him and he put it on but i dont think 4 warmth probly just to dry himself off then my ambulence arrived this women in her house right next to the pond called 911 and we all including Jack went to the hospital

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