A Poem About Bullies

Chapter 1


These are people
We just can't escape
They hurt us
Most of the time for no reason
They tell us we're ugly
They tell us we're fat
They tell us we're stupid
They tell us we're useless
They tell us we're worthless
But worst of all, the tell us to die.
To kill ourselves
But worst of all, they make us believe it
Parents tell us to ignore them
Friends tell us to ignore them
Teachers tell us to ignore them
Siblings tell us to ignore them
But what do they know?
They're not the ones being hurt
They're not the ones pouring tears
They're not the ones who feel this way
Who feel this bad
They don't know what we're feeling
They act like they do
But they don't
They say to ignore them
The bullies will just go away
But only we know the truth
Only we know they won't
They keep coming back
They keep getting stronger
Until one day
We just can't take it anymore
And there's only one option left
Only then will they know
That we just can't ignore it
For once, they will feel us
But it will be too late
We couldn't ignore it
We couldn't stop it
We couldn't control it
What are we to do?


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