Niall And The Run Away Potato (1D Group Story)

THIS STORY IS GONNA BE COMPLETELY RANDOM OKAY!!! please comment on me and Love_Me_For_Eva 's randomnesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Chapter 1


Fiona's POV

I sat on the curb and slowly licked my ice-cream. I had gotten my favorite flavor. Vanilla. Shut up. I know, i know....It's sooooo original but it is the best flavor ever.
I watched some skater boys zoom past on their skateboards and shook my head at their dis-respectfulness. They rode out of sight down the road and i continued eating my treat. I looked to my left and saw a blonde boy riding a unicycle. He stopped beside me and eyed off my ice-cream.
"Excuse me blondie but do you have a problem?" I asked rudely.
"No ma'am i am just looking at your ice-cream. It reminds me of the pizza i ate last night. it had vanilla ice-cream on it."
"Whatever dude just go away."

He frowned but at that moment i heard a terrifying scream. I jumped up and looked around. There were people runnng riot everywhere and they all look terrified. I looked past them and saw a giant pink blob rolling up the street. And it was heading towards me. I stood there frozen as i stared at the dsgusting slimy trail that it was leaving behind it.
It came closer and closer but my legs felt like they were cemented to the ground.
"Hey its bob!" I heard the blondie yell. He ran forward and started to pat the blob.
I snapped out of my frozen state and ran forward "BLONDIE!! STOP IT WILL KILL YOU!" I yelled. But the blonde boy just laughed. I heard a terrible burping noise and saw something fly out of the blobs skin.
"Good boy bob!" blondie said "Now we have to catch it." Blondie said and started to run toward the...the... the thing that had landed just in front of me. I eyed it off and noticed it was a potato. I bent down to pick it up but two little legs popped out of it and it ran off.
"WTF!" I screamed and blondie ran to me.
"It is a run away potato and if we catch it it gives us three wishes. and btw my name is Niall...."

We both started to run after it but the blob burped again and a girl about the same age as me flew out of the blobs skin. She landed lightly in front of us and "Bob gives us an assitant every time we have to catch a run away lets go find a potato! " he yells.........

FU(KING RANDOM AY!! xD you dont have to read the and my friend were extremely bored os yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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