A Delectable Thanksgiving!

Here is my story for the Quibblo Story Contest 7! Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Thanksgiving Day!

It was a cool November day. The air smelled of fall leaves, pumpkin pie, and roasting turkey. It was an appropriate smell, seeing as how it was Thanksgiving.

This year, we were having Thanksgiving at my Aunt Linda's house. All my family was coming together to enjoy this holiday. And all of them were bringing delicious dishes with them.

I walked into my aunt's house and inhaled deeply. The smells were amazing! I couldn't wait to taste everything.

After a while, everyone was seated at the long dining table. The fine China plates were set out, along with the good silverware.

Everyone was given something to drink. The adults were given red wine, it's sweet aroma floating around the room; the kids were given Sparkling Grape Juice, the bubbles popping at the top.

The food was brought out and set on the long granite counter. I hurriedly grabbed my plate and got in line for some food. The scents were taunting me, the steam from the hot food wafting over me.

There was a large turkey with soft juicy white meat inside of the golden brown crisp skin. The juices were leaking out of it and onto its serving dish. (But that didn't matter to me, I couldn't eat it anyways, since I'm a vegetarian ^_^)

Next to the turkey was a big bowl of mashed potatoes. I got a big spoonful of them and moved on to the green beans. Then I got some sweet potato souffle, two deviled eggs, and a roll. There was more food, but my plate couldn't fit anymore and I wanted to save some room for dessert.

I sat back down at the table and waited for everyone else to sit, too. It's a rule in my family to wait for everyone, but I hardly could wait. The steam billowed from my food into the air around me. I sipped my Sparkling Grape Juice patiently.

Finally we could all eat. I started with the mashed potatoes. They were so creamy and soft. No lumps in any bite. The butter melted into every part of the mashed potatoes, making them flavorful.

I grabbed a salt shaker and put some on my green beans. I stabbed one with my fork. Then another, and another, until I realized they were all gone. But I couldn't help myself! They were big and full of juice and flavor!

I started to eat the deviled eggs. There was paprika on top, giving it extra flavor. The white part of the egg was cooked perfectly, and the yellow filling was perfect. There was an equal taste of mustard to mayonnaise, yet it was sweet. After I finished the two eggs, I wished I had gotten another one while I was up there, but now there was none left.

I grabbed the roll, broke the soft warm roll in half and inhaled the light familiar smell of it. I bit into it. It was fluffy and buttery, but the butter didn't overpower the pure simplicity of the bread.

Finally I started to eat the sweet potato souffle. It was my favorite thing. Not only was the sweet potato part of it sweet, but so was the top crust. My Aunt Brenda makes it every year. The top crust is made with sweet brown sugar and sugar coated pecans. Yeah, there was a lot of sugar in it, but who doesn't like sugar?

My aunt Linda brought all the desserts out. I wanted them so badly, but once again I had to wait in a long line of family members. I looked at the counter. There were several pies, cakes, and even the dessert I had brought.

I cut a small slice of each pie to try. There was a blueberry pie, a cherry pie, a sugar cream pie, and of course, pumpkin pie. Then there was an angel food cake with strawberries, and my cake that I had brought.

I sat down and once again patiently waited for my family members to sit down. Why did they have to take so long?

Once everyone was seated, I slowly ate the slice of sugar crusted blueberry pie. The pie was packed with the sweet berries and the crust was flaky.

I started on the cherry pie. It was a bit tart, but it was supposed to be that way. The cherries were plump and the skin was soft.

I ate my slice of pumpkin pie. There's a pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving, it's tradition for almost every family. This pumpkin pie was especially good though. It had a perfect sized dollop of whipped cream on top and was sprinkled with cinnamon.

Finally I ate my favorite slice of pie, my Aunt Linda's sugar cream pie. It was so creamy and sweet, and had perfect flavor. The crust wasn't dry at all, and the spices on top just added to the delectable flavor.

I ate the angel food cake next. It was light and fluffy. It practically melted in your mouth! The whipped cream and strawberries that went with it were a simple, but delicious, part of the cake. The large strawberries were packed full of sweet juice.

Finally, after everyone was done eating, my family members told me that my dessert was by far the best. They demanded me for the recipe, but I told them it was a secret.

Can you keep a secret? I hope so, because here it is!

Chocolate Kahlua Cake:
1 box chocolate cake mix (without pudding)
1 3.75 ounce box of instant chocolate pudding mix
2 cups sour cream
4 eggs
3/4 cup vegetable oil
1/3 cup Kahlua
1 (6-ounce) package of chocolate chips

Mix everything well in a bowl except for the chocolate chips.
Fold in the chocolate chips. You can use either semi-sweet or milk chocolate.
Put the batter in a greased Bundt pan.
Bake in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour.

So simple! But so delicious! Hope you like my recipe! And my story ;)


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