Dreams Awakening

Leyna Williams travels with her brother to Beckley, West Virginia to visit some family. On the night they arrive the house gets ambushed, and Leyna is left alone to defend herself, until she meets the Hunter brothers. Two completely gorgeous orphans with a dark secret, the trio soon realise that Leyna is wanted throughout the country by a convicted criminal willing to kill anyone who gets in his way...

Chapter 1

The arrival

“Leyna!” Adam screamed in my ear as he yanked out my earphones, destroying the mood of coldplay.
“what?” I slammed down my book on the tray table, turning to him in frustration.
“buckle up, were landing.” he sat back, and pulled a face at little boy a few seats across. I just rolled my eyes and did as I was told.
Living with my brother was enough already, but being forced to travel on plane with him for four hours was already doing my head in.
Adam had had a huge fight with mum about his future, they hadnt talked much recently until my mum organised the trip for us to visit family in Beckly. She claims that her sister was dying to see us, and that she had too much work to come with us. But I knew why she was staying in Florida, she did this a lot, tried to avoid her problems by running away now and then.
Adam hadn't brung it up at all, he knew why we were here, he just didn't want to admit it.
I clutched charleine Harris in my fingerless, mustard yellow, gloves and watched as we landed on the turf runway.
I could feel the little boy's eyes burning into the back of my skull as he waited for one of us to turn around, so he could flash us his most gut-renching monster face. I envied the years when the worst Adam could do was draw a fake monobrow on me, and switch my juice for dog water. Now he was angry and scared, and the way he hid that was by acting out. Things had been hard since my dad left ten years ago, mum picked herself up and got a new job, and joined a book club. I helped as much as I could, Adam, not so much.
As we walked to the turminall, I could see aunt Lauren and Nina waving and smiling like crazy. I zipped up my grey hoodie, and flipped up the hood, trying to shelter my ears from the cold.
“Leyna!” Aunt Lauren came speeding towards me, arms open as she ran up and squeezed so hard, I was moments from fainting. She then went after Adam and I went over to hug my little cousin,who wasn't so little anymore. Last time I saw Nina she was twelve, she had braces, glasses and bad case of acne, before she even hit puberty. Now she was nearly fourteen, and looked like a fifteen year old model. Her olive skin was flawless, and she'd lost the glasses and the braces. You could now see her perfect teeth, and gorgeous genetic hazel eyes that the whole family scored except for me.
“hey Nina, love the red streaks.” her soft shoulder length hair straightened, with one or two thick strands of scarlett red starting below her ears,
“i missed you cuz.” she hugged me, thats when I realised she'd gotten taller to, she was now about my height, or possibly taller.
“wow, Nin's you've gone punk.” Adam teased her as she sarcastically flashed him a smile.
“Now lets get going before traffic hits.” Lauren hurried us along with a bright smile, her curled ponytail swinging as she strode along in front of us.
We loaded our bags into there crossrover, and I jumped in the back with Nina, while Adam took shotgun, since he was a giant.
Nina and I caught up, and she told me all about her music programs, and how she's thinking of starting a band. I felt kind of ashamed that in the year we hadn't seen eachother she'd accomplished more than I had in the last three years. It really started to get to me, so I pushed it from my mind, and focused on being with my family.
I grabbed my duffle bag, while Nina and aunt Lauren insisted on taking the rest. The house was just as i'd remembered it, beautiful sandtone walls with a light beige roof. The beautiful two story house bringing memories back in a quick refreashing wave of nourishment.
“come on!” Nina's excited voice slapped me out of it, and I walked into join them.
Uncle David was a bit grayer than last time I saw him, and he had a much thicker beard. But Persia, there golden retriever looked exactly the same, just as vibrant as always.

When I offered to take the trash out, it was cold. I hugged myself as I opened the lid, when a loud roar made me jump. The headlights of the motorcycle blinding me, as it pulled into the neighbouring driveway.
It was a guy, he wore black leather from the neck down, with the piercing lines of red and silver on his healmet. I suddenly realised I was gaping at him while I was in mid session holding the trash bag above an open garbage bin.
I dropped it, but couldn't resist another sneak peak at the biker. He took his helmet off, and shook his messed honey, ash brown hair, he looked at me, his piercing pacific blue eyes glowing in the night air.
My breath catches as I try to casually walk back to the house, but something hits my shin and I scream out. I could feel the blood gushing out, my leg was burning, it felt like barbed wire was being pulled through it.
I fell to the ground clutching my leg, realising i'd been shot. I heard more gun shots as I ducked and covered my head, trying to get as much shelter as possible from the trash can.
Suddenly I heard a grunt and the blood curdling sound of breaking bones, soon followed by the thud of a motionless body, that went on for about a minute, three bodies down. I tried to crawl, unnoticed toward the side of the house, so I could sneak in through the back door. I was practically dragging my right leg as I camando crawled through the grass.
Suddenly someone grabbed me around the waist and cupped a hand over my mouth. I bit down as hard as I could, they grunted in pain, but didnt let me go. I kicked and flapped as much as I could trying to get away, but it was no use, they had me.
“calm down, im not going to hurt you.” I stopped struggling, and he slowly loosened his grip, when I was free enough I back kicked him in the groind, he let out a coughing moan of pain as he fell to his knees.
I sprinted up the front steps and into the house, I locked the large wooden door and limped into the kitchen.
“Aunt Lauren! Uncle David!” I called out, but there was no answer. “Adam! Nina? Hello?” my breath grew panicked as I gripped the staircase for support, I gritted my teeth at the stabbing pain of my leg. Suddenly the lights went out, with no warning I was standing in complete darkness, alone. It took me a minute for my eyes to adjust, but I hopped into the dining room. I could see there was no one in here, or at least no one who wanted to be seen. I decided to stay quiet, as I crept to the kitchen counter, if anyone was hiding in here they would have heard my panicked breath, and grunts of pain. I felt around the counter until my hand traced over a kitchen knife. I gripped it tightly and slid down against the counter, id wait there for someone to come past, or make a noise, I was hidden by the bench in the middle, holding our dinner plates from ten minutes ago.
What had just happened? Where was my family? What the hell is going on?
I heard footsteps, more than one pair. They were whispering, they were both male, and sounded around twenty.
“she came in here.”
I gripped the knife tight to my chest.
“i can smell blood.”
how could they smell my blood? Can you smell blood?
“what if there are others in here?”one of them stood still, thinking about that possibility.
“Split up, call out if somethig goes wrong, meet back here in five.”
“ok, ill take upstairs.”
one of them jogged over to the staircase and almost silently ran upstairs.
I tried to breath quietly, but I wasnt doing a very good job.
He scoped around the loungeroom and dining room, starting towards the kitchen. I slid across the floor slowly, trying to move around one side of the bench as he searched around the other.
I could feel the moonlight on my back as I slid towards the back door. Suddenly I heard a whiz noise, and shattering glass, something nicked my arm, and it burned. I let out a little shriek of pain as arms pulled me behind the bench, sheltering me from the open.
“Seth!” he called out, as more shooting started.
I looked at him, he had dirty blonde hair, and the same piercing eyes as the boy on the motorcycle. He was holding a gun, a hunting rifle.
“what the hell is going on?” I shouted over the hammering of a machine gun.
He looked at me, eyes burning into mine. He said nothing only calling out to the other boy.
"Seth! Now!"
"Ash!" the other boy called out from the hall, hiding from the gun fire.
"Help me!" he tried to help me up, but couldn't do it unless he completely stood up, which would get him shot.
Suddenly the other boy was crouched down next to us, it was the guy from the motorbike.
"We need to get out a here!" he looked around for options but the only safe one was the hall.
"aren't they out the front too?" i panicked.
"i took care of them, but we have to hurry."
Took care of them? did he mean kill them?
They both wrapped one of my arms around their shoulders, i put most of my weight on my good leg, but it was shaky from shock.


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