Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner!

This is what I hope to see on my kitchen for Thanksgiving!

Chapter 1

Bon Appetit!

by: swaggyG
The smell of the spiced and crusted turkey from the oven draws me to the kitchen. I sit down at the table that has a place mat infront of everychair. The spoon on the right and the fork and knife on the left, I sit down and pick up my drink. I can feel the wet and tangy cider drizzle down my throat. The rest of my family takes there seats as well. The table is covered with heavenly foods! The turkey in the middle surrounded by all the dressings and sauces. Greenbean casserole right infront of me, the shiny yellow creamed corn glistens in my sister's eyes. The buttered Hawaiian rolls in a soft basket on the end. I spot my one of my favorites infront of my dad, the mashed potatoes. We all say a prayer and thank God for the perfect dinner. I pick up the spoon and take 2 spoonfuls of the greenbean casserole, then reach for a Hawaiian role. I ask for the mashed potatoes and dive into it with my spoon. I push a small pool into my mashed potatoes. I pour the brown gravy into the pool and sprinkle some salt and pepper. My mom slices a sliver of turkey off the bone and puts it on my plate. I pour more brown gravy on top of the turkey. I grab my fork and cut a piece off the turkey and placed it on my tongue. I could taste the sliced, juicy, warmth of it. This will be the best Thanksgiving ever!


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