Klaus' Loyal Little Werewolf

Klaus' Loyal Little Werewolf

Abigail Walker
Nickname: Abby
Fare skin
Shoulder lanth natural orange hair
Sky blue eyes
Personality: Likes to play games to toy with people and knows how to get under someones skin. She's abrasive, smart, and stubborn. She is also nice and caring when she wants to be. When she is a nice person, she loving and compassionate. Will stop at nothing to hurt those who've hurt those close to her.
Has a older twin sister she cares for deeply.

Chapter 1

A New Sense of Loyalty

Beep, beep, beep, beep!!

I pounded my alarm clock with my fist to get it to stop nagging me. It soon stopped, I ether hit the SNOOZE or killed it. One of the two. I got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and set the water on warmish-hot-ish, took off my clothes and stepped in. I let the hot water run though my hair, then I grabbed my shampoo and washed my hair. Once I was done with my hair I quickly shaved my legs and underarms, then I washed my body.

I turned off the water then stepped out of the shower and went back to my room to change. I changed into my black bra, plain black underwear, my purple skinny jeans with some rips, a black t-shirt, my purple and black striped sweater with cat ears on the top, and my Cablee lace-up boots. Finally I put on a light layer of dark make up, brushed my hair and teeth, and grabbed my bag.

I drove to a bar far outside of Mystic Falls, where I was planning to meet someone. He wouldn't say who he was or what he wanted, but I know who he was. I know what he is. I know what he want's with me. He was the hybrid, the one all the werewolves talked about, the murderous one with the British accent.

I pulled in the parking lot before I walked in, I switched my small switch blade from my glove compartment to my bag. I then walked in the bar, I quickly scanned the bar looking for the hybrid... or hybrids. I saw someone wave at me, I walked up to him. He was about 5'11'' and I was 5'6'' so he was 5 inches taller. Which meant if I didn't want to end up dead, I should play it smart. When I got to his table I sat down.

"You're Abigail Walker, right?"

"Yes, you're the hybrid. The one they all talk about."

"You're smart, but not smart enough. You don't even know my name, do you?"

"True, but you hardly know me. You don't know what I'm capable of, what I can do, and how I do it."

"Smart and abrasive. Here have a drink, I already ordered you a beer. By the way, I'm Klaus." He pushed the other beer trowed me, I picked it up and placed it by my lips. One quick sent and I knew he spiked it with wolfs bade. I smiled and put the drink down.

"What do you take me for? A fool?" I stood up and put my hands on the table leaning down. "I'll tell you one thing Klaus, I'm no fool. I'm much smarter than any hybrid, any vampire, and any werewolf you'll ever know." He seemed angry, but I was anger. I can't believe I almost fell for that! I stormed out of the bar and walked to my car, but Klaus was there before me. Before I could react he was behind me with his right arm around my neck and his left hand he had that around my head. Ready to snap my neck.

"If you kill me then everything I know will die with me, and I know more than you do." He let me go, when he turned around I quickly reached into my bag and grabbed my knife.

"You have five seconds to tell me why you wanted to meet me." Klaus turned around with a somewhat impressed look on his face.

"If you hurt and/or kill me I have a hybrid behind you, who will kill you." I heard foot steps behind me. He's not lying, this may be a good idea after all. I put my knife away.

"Don't ever use the knife on me love." His lips curled into a smile, and I shuddered from him calling me 'love'.

"Now we should get going. Can I have the keys or will you drive? I think I would like to see your house."

"I'll drive, besides you don't even know where my apartment is." He waved to the hybrid and he left. Klaus got in the front. I got in and made my way to my apartment.

We arrived to my apartment within twenty minuets, Klaus demanded I invited him in, I didn't really want to, but I also didn't want to invite him in by being compelled. He sat down at my kitchen table and I grabbed a two sodas from my refrigerator.

"Thank you," he said as I sat down across from him.

"Why exactly did you call me out? Invite me to the bar? Now invite your self to my apartment?" I asked, he sipped is soda then leaned back in his chair.

"You see, I've been watching you for some time now and I still stand on what I said in the bar. You're smart, cunning, abrasive, stubborn, a tat bîtchy, but I think you'll be come of great value to me. What do you say?" I thought for a while.

"What exactly is the deal you want to make with me? You never really made a deal with me." I drank some of my soda, Klaus kinda smiled.

"You'll be come a hybrid, you would be able to turn when ever you want, you'll be sired, but you will be safe." Sired?! Not happening! At least not now.

"How about this you don't turn me, at least not yet; I'll still stay loyal, you can trust me on that. I sense you want me to get inside someones head, now if this person is a vampire he or she may find it though to trust me if I'm sired to you; I know people don't trust you and they won't trust me if they know what I am. If the people you want me to gain trust with want me dead, then we'll talk... I could be a secret weapon. Deal?" Klaus seemed extremely pleased, I'd say impressed.

"Deal, I must say you're incredibly smart. Now, where do you want to live here or my mansion?"

"I'd like to stay here." Klaus got up and started to walk around my house.

"Really? This place is a dump."

He was right, my living room was small, there was a couch against the wall with my dog's kennel next to it and a thick-ish plastic thing on top of that where I could put stuff on top of it. The TV was a few feet in front of the couch, beside that was a wall with a few large windows- plain blinds over them- and a coffee table in front of that. My TV was on a black and silver stand, under it was my DVD player and cable box thing, on the top shelves but lower than the TV where the speakers, under the right speaker was my Xbox and the consoles. Under the right speaker was games and movies. Be hind my TV was a small ledge, then the dinning room table and two chairs, there was a window with normal blinds over it and a door leading to the patio next to the windows. Out on the patio it was just normal with a few chairs and a door to a outside storage, from the patio you could see the large pool. Next to my living room there was the door, next to that there was a closet. My kitchen was tiny and had a bar thing opening to the living room. There was one bathroom with a large bath, and next to my bathroom was the laundry room/ linen closet.

"Yes it is a dump, but its my dump." He made his way to my room, he walked in. I walked in behind him.

"Wow, I've been mistaken, your room is a dump." He actually was right.

My room was a huge mess. I had a dresser in the closet which had a TV on top of it. My dresser had some of the bins hanging open, clothes hanging out, next to that I had belts hanging up and clothes hanging up sloppily. My bed was just a mattress on the floor with a couple pillows, blankets, and a few wolf plushies. My desk was in the corner with my art, paint, laptop, and a few sound recording equipment. Between that I had my red drum set, all over the floor was clothes, some dirty and some clean I didn't know which was which. The clothes where over my floor, dresser, a t-shirt on my TV, bed, desk, my drums where pretty much the one thing that didn't have clothes on it. My floor had art stuff, sheet music, and some bedding.

"Yeah, my room is messier than my whole apartment."

"You should clean it,"

"No, I did that when I first moved in a week and a half ago, but I never found anything." He left and went back to the living room. I followed him, he grabbed his soda and started to head to the door. Before he did leave he gave me a small piece of paper with his cell number on it.

"Here's the plan: You're starting school soon, right?" I nodded, "Good, you're going to become friends with Elena Gilbert, all her friends and her brother. Stefan and Damon Salvatore, become friends with them too, but if you kill Elena I will not hesitate to kill you. Her blood is the key to creating hybrids. I'll call you tomorrow and give you more detail but for now if you meet them, become friends and get to know them. Don't act like a bîtch, be nice and make friends. This should be easy for you considering you're new and haven't talked to anyone, beside me, in Mystic Falls. Got it." I smiled and nodded.

Things just got inserting. I thought with a evil smile.

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