The story of a murderer ( An original story by me)

Hey so this is the first chapter of my new story I want your opinion on it and comment if you want me to continue. Chapter nines been changed now, so that's the new chapter. Btw chapter 16 is not meant to encourage anyone I personally think that cutting is bad and if you do it then you should get some help for it and STOP!

Chapter 1

How it all began

When I was fourteen I did something that made a change to my life forever its just no body else realized the change but me... It was when I became a murderer. It was a Sunday when it happened but to explain why I did it I'll have to take you a week back.

It was late at night around 12:00 Am, I couldn't sleep so I went downstairs to discover my father on the sofa with another women.. doing stuff and it didn't look like she was enjoying it in fact it looked like she was trying to make it stop. But he didn't stop, but I did I just stood there in absolute shock trying to get my head around the hole situation. The woman saw me and she, she looked at me with a facial expression that was saying what are you doing why can't you help me stop him. Instead I went back up stairs with the image replaying in my head over and over again throughout the night. My father on top of her, her face the look she gave me. I didn't do any thing why didn't I try and help? Why didn't I say something I should've done something then maybe my life may have been different, maybe then I wouldn't have made the mistakes that were yet to come.

The next morning I woke up and I saw my father AI couldn't even look him in the face, the sight of him made me feel physically sick. I didn't say a word I just sat there with my cereal bowl in front of me. Not moving, not saying anything. " Son eat your cereal" my father instructed. I didn't say anything to him I just gave him a look, a look of utter disgust. I never spoke of that night ever it was a secret that I have kept forever until this day...

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