about me

Chapter 1

yeah j-just read

I am Ryan Icarus Black, everyone calls me Razor and Mr. Reckless.
I am 14 years old, I have experienced pain that some wouldn't have even dreamed of.
I'm a Christian, i put my faith in the unknown, I will never give up, no matter what!
I have got a girlfriend whom I love with all my heart.
I smoke and take drugs, its ruining my life.
I have killed more than one person. (Don't ask)
I live in Scotland.
I have one sister, she is Steph she is 16 and has two kids.
I have a best friend, he is Mackenzie.
I don't have parents, instead I live with Mackenzie's parents, I don't wanna go into detail but they are awful.

If you want to ask me anything just feel free to add a comment


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