What Really Happened - England and France (Hetalia)

It's just after the Allied Forces - Axis Powers war. England and France are fighting as usual. But what no one realizes is that England and France have a reason for fighting - one that they will kill to keep secret. And poor America may just have accidentally discovered it... and plunged himself into a lot more trouble than he can handle.

Chapter 1

What America Saw

America knocked on England's door. "Hello?" he called. There was no answer. After knocking a couple more times, he started to get worried. He pressed his ear to the door; now he could hear angry voices from inside. He tried the doorknob. Locked. America took a deep breath, stepped away from the door, and slammed his shoulder into it, smashing it out of its hinges using an old trick Japan had taught him.
He stopped and listened, but the angry voices from the other room hadn't even faltered. Whoever was arguing, they were really angry. America wondered who it was.
He crept through the elaborate sitting room, stuffing back his giggles at England's taste in furniture. The arguing was coming from the parlor. He snuck to the doorway and peered in.
There, arguing fiercely, were England and - you guessed it - France. That didn't surprise America. What he did wonder is what France was doing in England's house. He listened to their fighting, trying to figure out what was going on.
"It wasn't my fault! If he hadn't tried to take over my territory(I am NOT going to say 'vital regions'), he wouldn't be dead right now!" yelled England.
"Oh, so you're saying zat's a good reason for murder?" taunted France.
England was turning purple now, and of course getting those zombie eyes he's so well known for. "I didn't kill him!" he screamed. "You killed him, and you know it!"
At that, France stepped forward and smacked his enemy across the face, and America was horrified to see blood appear on his cheek. The blow knocked England to his knees, where he continued to glare hatefully at France. "I'll tell them you did it," England said. "I'll tell them you killed Rome."
At that, the eavesdropper let out a uncontrollable gasp and stumbled backward, landing on the floor. Both countries stopped and listened. "Someone's listening," said England. They both started going towards the door.
America scrambled up off the floor and ran like he was running for his life, which he really might have been. He certainly thought he was. But as he got to the door, his shirt caught on a splinter of the fallen door.
"No! No!" America shouted. He ripped his shirt off the splinter, tearing a piece off, and ran like the wind.
England and France got to the door right after him. They both stared in amazement at the wreck of the door. Then England noticed the small piece of fabric stuck in the doorway. He took it out and stared at it, realizing who it belonged to. His fist clenched, crushing it. "America," he snarled.

America's life was now officially in danger.

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