Halloween Bites (A One Direction FanFic)

It involves One Direction, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and some original characters. Savannah and Quinn are both vampires, and they're 17. Soo....yeah. Enjoy! ^-^

Chapter 1

Savannah Alicia Maroon POV

"Sav are you ready yet?"

"Yes, Quinn, I've been ready for the past 45 minutes."

I pulled up the hood of my red cloak against the harsh wind. I pushed the door open and stepped outside. My best friend Quinn and I had finished getting ready and were now headed out for a Halloween party. We heard there were supposed to be some celebrities there, which Quinn totally believed. But I knew it was just to get more people to come.

I took one last look at myself before getting in the car. I wore a black silk dress with a light silver belt, knee-high black buckle boots, and black lace fingerless gloves. Over that, I had on a red velvet cloak. My glossy, fiery red curls fell out of the cloak hood and down to my waist. I shivered as the hood blew off and the wind chilled my face.

I pulled my hood back up and slid into the passenger seat. After closing the door, I checked my make up and buckled my seatbelt. Quinn slid into the driver's seat and shut the door, tearing off down the road to the party. Quinn wore a strapless grey dress and a black cloak, with black heels. We agreed to both try and stay on the low, since we were being hunted for.

We figured a Halloween party would be the best place to hide, since everyone's technically "different" tonight. And when I say "different," I mean...creatures. Monsters. Us? Well, we're vampires. Actual vampires. Hybrids, to be exact. We had recently got in a little disagreement with these two guys...Freddy and Jason. But it's a long story, so I'm not getting into detail. All I'm gonna say is, the party was the hiding place, and the "costumes" were basically normal clothes. There was no way we would get caught.

It wasn't really a costume party; more like a Halloween dance. As we approached, I got more and more nervous. What if they weren't lying? What if there really were celebrities there? I sighed. No, no. There was no way any celebrities would be at a stupid teenager party, even if Cassandra Collins- the girl throwing the party- was possibly the most rich teenager in the entire state.

We finally pulled up outside of Cass' mansion and stepped out. I immediately head music blaring from inside.

"Are you sure this is OK? There's always a chance they could find us here." I shivered and pulled up my hood, which had fallen off again.

"I'm pretty sure it's fine." Countered Quinn, straightening her cloak out and grabbing my arm, pulling me inside.

Everyone was dancing and laughing and having a good time. The air smelled ever so slightly of alcohol, but I'm guessing it was from the kids who were stupid enough to bring their own. There's none there for a reason, idiots. Suddenly, I felt eyes boring into me, and realized there was a group of maybe five or six boys in the back staring at us. I self-consciously pulled my hood lower and followed Quinn towards the back of the room.

"Quinn, I hardly even know anyone here. What are we supposed to do?" I questioned.

"Relax. I know just about everyone here. We could find someone to dance with or something. C'mon."

She took my arm again, and led me further into the room, where we sort of half-danced until around 11. Quite a few people were passed out, drunk, on couches, tables, and even the floor. Quinn and I stood leaned against a wall, talking and keeping low.

Until I realized something. Some of the people who were passed out had blood on their arms or stomachs, and occasionally their necks or faces. I pointed it out to Quinn, who then noticed that strange cuts were forming, without movement.

We turned out heads and locked eyes, and she said exactly what I was thinking.

"Shit. They found us."

I sighed. "Well, Freddy found us at least. Maybe he won't tell-" I was cut off by the sound of loud chainsaw only about 20 feet away. "Scratch that."

We took off running away from the drunks and the sound of the chainsaw.

We were so dead.

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