Jack Frost Love story

Chapter 4

Jack, will u marry me <3? Wait never mind i has a bf :)

~Next Morning~

I wake up when i hear my alarm go off. (My alarm is 'Carol of the Bells') I stretch my arms and turn off my alarm. Then, i walk out of my room and into the kitchen to go help make breakfast.
"Good morning Lucy!" says one of the elves, Larry.
"Morning," I say. I hear someone whistle behind me. Just then do i remember that we have a guest .I look down at my pajama's: spaghetti strap tank top, short-shorts. I quickly wrap an apron around me and spin around. "Hi Jack," I say blushing. Dang it! Stop blushing! I tell myself. He hops on the counter in the center of the kitchen.
"What'cha doin?" he asks.
"Oh ya know.....designing a nuclear weapon. What do u think I'm doing?" I reply waving the bowl of pancake batter in his face.
"Watch the sarcasm, little miss. U shouldn't be rude to guests."
I roll my eyes, "What are you gonna do about it huh?"
"Well," he grabs the bowl and whisk from my hands, "I could do this," he waves the batter-covered whisk around.
"You. Wouldn't. Dare." I say slowly.
"Try me." I glance next to me and see a whipped cream bottle. His gaze had follows mine and we both go for the whipped cream at the same time. Somehow though, he gets there before I do.
He puts his arms on my waste and whispers playfully in my ear, "Don't even think about it." Just then we hear someone clear their throat. Jack and I quickly move away from each other to see my father looking sternly at the two of us.
"How's everything going here?" he asks while glaring at Jack.
"Everything's fine daddy!" I say. Then quickly add, "Would you like some pancakes?" I finish making the pancakes w/ the elves, call down Mother, and eat breakfast. All while somehow never taking my eyes off of Jack....

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