Jack Frost Love story

Chapter 3

Jack Frost Is Cute ;)

We get back to the sleigh and Blitzen just glares at Jack.
"So," Jack says, "which one are you?" he asks Blitzen
"Jack, this is Blitzen, Blitzen, Jack Frost. Now let's go."

~Back at the North Pole~

"Here we are." Blitzen says and starts descending towards the ground. Jingle opens the doors for the sleight to enter and Blitzen glides us inside.
"Thanks for the ride, Blitz." I say before taking off his reins and putting him back in his stall. "C'mon Jack, lets go let my dad know we're back."

"Daddy! I'm home!" I run over to my father and hug him. "And i brought Jack Frost w/ me."
Dad walks over to Jack, "Frost! How are you?"
"I've been good. What about you old man?"
"I've been good. And i hope my daughter didn't give you too much trouble." My jaw drops for two reasons: 1. How dare he say that! 2. Why are they getting along so well? I mean, their talking and laughing like their the best friend in the whole world.
"Lucy, could you show Jack to the guest bedroom?" my dad asks.
"Yeah ok." I reply.
We start walking and Jack leans towards me and whispers, "You must be so disappointed i can't stay w/ you."
I roll my eyes, "Haha very funny," I reply sarcastically.
"I know I am."
I show him where he's going to be sleeping then walk to my room....

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