Jack Frost Love story

Chapter 2

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I walk into the reindeer's stalls and go straight over to Blitzen. He's been my favorite since i was small. I really have no idea why thought. He has such an attitude (my dad think that he's my favorite because we're so similar, i disagree.) "Hey Blitz, we're going for a trip."
"Why?" he asks.
"'Cause I said so." I take out one of the smaller sleighs. Then I put the reins on Blitzen. I turn to Jingle, "Open the doors." I give the reins a little flick, "C'mon Blitz."
He starts, "Where are we even going?"
Good question... "Jangle, do you think you could find him on the radar?"
"Whose 'him'?" Blitzen asks.
"Jack Frost." I answer quickly.
"Um looks like he's in southern Nevada"
"Could you be a little more specific? Nevada is a pretty big state."
"Las Vegas probably." Blitzen says w/ distaste.

We fly to Las Vegas and starts searching. Since it's a desert, it gets very cold in the winter. Makes sense why he would be here. After some protest from Blitzen, we leave him behind a casino. "We'll be back soon." I tell him. He just sighs in frustration. Jingle, Jangle, and I search for what feels like hours w/ no luck. "How long has it been?" I ask.
"26 minutes." Answers Jingle.
"Oh..." I say.

We're in a resort/casino called 'Excalibur.' We search for a while longer w/ out finding him. Then, I see him, the eternally young, and eternally cute, Jack Frost, leaving a Black Jack table. He leaves the building and i run after him. "Jack Frost." I say.
He turns around. "Do i know you?"
"Um I'm Santa Claus's daughter, Lucy."
"Santa's daughter, eh? What did he send you hear for?"
"He didn't send me here. I came here because I thought you might want to come to the annual 'End of the Year Party.' But of course.....I'm just being polite. You don't really have to come."
"So your saying i shouldn't go?"
" Well, I wouldn't. It's pretty stupid."
"Tsk tsk. I don't think 'daddy' would approve of that launguage."
I rolled my eyes. "Are you coming or not?"
He thought for a second, "Sure. Why the heII not."
"Great. Back to the sleigh it is."

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