Jack Frost Love story

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Bored bored bored......Oh, hi there! Im Lucy Claus. Yes, daughter of the great Santa Claus. I usually just sit here in daddy's office going through the naughty & nice list, like i do every year. I also check on all the kids of the world. You know, to see if there are any last minute changes that need to be made to the lists. Most of the time, though, I keep my attention on daddy's rival, Jack Frost. I hav to admit, he's pretty cute. Daddy could never know i think this though....."Lucy!" I hear my father call.
"Yes Dad?" I reply.
"Could you come down here for a moment?"
"Yes daddy." I hurry down the stairs to see what my dad wanted. When i got down stairs, I'm greeted by many of dad's......uh.....I'm greeted by the Easter Bunny, the Sand-Man, the Tooth Fairy, & Mother Nature. (I don't like Mother Nature.)
"Is it the end of the year party all ready?" I ask. Every year they all gather together to celebrate the new year. "Daddy, i was wondering...."
"Yes, dear?" He asks.
"Well, what I was wondering is, maybe.....Jack Frost might be able to come this year?"
"Jack Frost?!" exclaims the Easter Bunny. "That mischievous, no good, irresponsible, waste of an existence has no business here w/ us!"
"Easter Bunny!" interrupts Mother Nature.
My father looks at me, "If you feel he should be here to celebrate w/ us," he says, "then I give you permission to go get him."
I could feel my eyes light up, "Really?!"
"Yes, that is, as long as my top elves, Jingle and Jangle, accompany you."
Im tempted to role my eyes. Dad can be so over protective....
Tbc :)

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