True story...
If only it was real.

Dialogue may be a bit off...I wrote this down right after I woke up, but I don't have the best memory...

Chapter 1

My Dream

So, I had woken up in the morning and was waiting for my school bus when I noticed the newspaper sitting on the coffee table. A huge headline on the front page read,


Curious, I skimmed the article. The first line said, Do to some confusion, back-up candidate Quibblon Quibblidy Quibblo is the new President of America...

I suddenly glanced up at the time. 7:10 AM. My bus was late. And where was Lisa? James? Carly? Mom? Dad? Was I alone?
The phone rang out of nowhere, and I ran to answer it.
"Hello?" I said into the receiver.
An unfamiliar voice responded, "This is Chucky Conto, right?"
"Yes. It is!" I said.
"I knew it! Well, Chucky, you are speaking to the owner of your favorite site and the newest president. How about you come over to the Quibblo headquarters? Your siblings, along with Drea, Katie, Qlockwork, and Perception are all here."
I grinned. "Sure! But how will I get there? And what about school?"
Quibblo laughed. "School has been cancelled for all Quibblonians. And as for transportation, a huge flying computer is on the way to your house. Goodbye, and see you soon." Quibblo hung up.

Excited, I zoomed outside. The computer was already there waiting for me.
I hopped on, and before I knew it, I was walking into the Quibblo.com headquarters.
Katie, Lisa, James, Drea, and Carly were sitting around a table. I quickly sat down between Lisa and Katie. The three main members of the Quibblo team were standing on a large platform in front of the table.
"Chucky! You're here!" Perception greeted me.

I smiled and waved, still wondering why I was here.
Quibblo quickly explained.
"I'm the new President, as you know. It'll be hard to run the site and country, so I've decided to...combine the two!" he declared.
"And how will you do that?" Drea asked.
Qlockwork smiled. "Well, my dear Drea, that's what we called you Quibblonians here for. Any suggestions on what to do?"
Katie raised her hand. "Uhm...well, a first step would be advertising so the whole population is a part of the site. You know, if that's possible," she suggested.
Qlockwork smiled proudly. "Of course it's possible! I just have to do a few things on our Quibputer," he explained.

Whatever he did, well, it didn't take long. The number of members increased by millions within a few hours.
"Okaaaaayy, next step?" Perception pondered.

"I don't know...if only we could just make Quibblo the country. You know, like the profiles houses, the blog a restaurant..." Lisa thought out loud.
Perception laughed, "And you think we can't?"
Everyone's eyes got wide.
"We...you...it's...that's possible?" James stuttered.
"Of course!" Perception said.

That's how, within a few days, I was inside my new home–my Quibblo profile.
I turned to the big TV. The announcer–Qlockwork–was standing in front of Quibblo's friend list. This broadcast was happening live!
"And now, all because of a new president, our lives have changed forever and for the best! God Bless Quibblo.com!"


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