One Direction Love Story

This is a story about a lass named Shay who is 19 and who has been mates with Louis her whole life until Louis leaves Doncaster, engerland for X-Factor auditions.Her and Louis meet up in downtown London when they bump into each other at an ice cream parlour.They didn't remember being dogs bollocks mates until they tell each other about their lives. Hope yeh enjoy and please comment below what yeh think about it so i know what to dae for the next chapters!(If its like this its Scar not Shay)

Chapter 1


So today I am getting a surprise from my mum and so are my mates but we don't know what it is and we are kinda scared to find out. " mum! Please tell me the surprise!! thou hae been keeping it a secret for too weeks","Sorry Shay but thou will find out after supper","Fine!! But if I hate the surprise it's y'r fault mum ","Trust me on this one Shay, thou will love it".
After Supper
"So mum... thou going to tell me the surprise or what?","Oh yes,almost forgot hun!","mhm..lets go im getting cream crackered over here!","Here Shay..Oh my i think i might be tearing up giving this to thou ","O,M,G thou didn't!","But I did Shay! Go ahead and open it!","AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! cheers mum!! Omg! So is that the surprise for Jade&Megan too?!","Yes,I convinced their moms to let em go with thou an-"Shay cut orf Mrs.Mcatherey. "Yaaaaaaaaay! How long dae we get to stay for mum?!","Thats what i was going to tell thou about... thou chaps get to stay there... thou chaps get to stay there for 1 year","OMG i got to go ring up my girls!! cheers soooo much mum!" Shay ran up to her room really chuffed. "Jade, thou wont believe what just happened!","I know my mum just told me! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP","We leave tomorrow for 1 year there!! AAAH...well i better ring up Megan to see if her mum told her yet","Wait a sec..Megan is comming too?!"," thou bet she is!!" Both girls were so chuffed all 3 of em could spend time together. "Megan...did y'r mum tell thou?!","Tell me what??"," thou know the thingamijig!","What thingamijig Shay!My mum didn't tell me anything except for-"Megan finally clued in."OMG! I cant believe thou are going to London too! Is Jade going?!"," y'r DAMN RIGHT SHE IS! Omg we leave TO-MO-RR-OW for 1 year there! EEP im so excited!.I better let thou go Megan im gonna start packing!","Ok me too! Did thou ring up Jade and everything?","Yep I called her first and shes already packing up to go!Bye gurrl!","Bye Shay"Megan said hanging up.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So how did thou chaps fancy the story? Please comment what thou thought about it! I would really fancy that!(:

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