Chase After Me ~Harry Styles Love Story~

Chase After Me ~Harry Styles Love Story~

i know you are probably having a heart attack thinking im cancelling my Plain Jane story....

BUT IM NOT :) im just writing another Harry styles one because he is my favorite ;) and because everyone is really enjoying my other story. so here is a new one, and i hope you love it as much as the other one!! :)
~Kat <3

Chapter 1

I Watched It Begin Again

Rebecca Chase
age: 19 -------------- Grade: junior in online design school, has an internship
nickname: Bex, becca, Chase ---------------- Family: family lives in Holmes Chappel
siblings: Simon (21), Fynn (18), and Andrew (21). Simon and Andy are twins.
Lives in: London ----------------- used to live across the street from Harry. they were best friends and then he left for the X factor. she hasn't seen him since, but they are about to be back from tour. she was invited to a surprise party for the boys.

~Flash Back~

"ohmigod Harry! i cant believe you are going to go on the xfactor! it's gonna be amazing! im so proud of you." i told my best friend Harry. i was laying on his bed, and his was sitting in his chair. "im so nervous. i dont know if ill even make it past the first audition!" he said. "Harry! seriously, shut up. your voice is awesome, and you will do so amazingly. i know it. trust me!" i told him and propped myself up on my elbows. "i wish you would do it with me." he said. "well, you know how i feel about that, i mean we've only been dating for a few weeks." i said. he chuckled and threw a box at me. "open it you piece of-" he started to say but i gave him a look. "sexiness!" he said. i giggled and opened the box. "dog tags?" i asked. "yeah. the one is for you, and the other is for me. they have your favorite saying on mine, and my favorite saying on yours." he said and smiled. "love is enough!" i said and smiled. "believe in yourself." he said and smiled. he slid his one, and then came to sit next to me. "now, you will always be with me during my performance, and while im away." he said. then he leaned down and kissed me. god i was gonna miss him when he is gone.


today Harry and the boys are having a party before leaving tomorrow for tour. i havent seen Harry since the xfactor finale. he and his family spent time with his step dads mom over the holidays. its been forever. i heard a bunch of clapping in the main room. i was in the kitchen, taking a deep breath. i knew what he did. i knew how he did that with some other girl, while on the show. but i didnt find out until now. and to think i was planning on making tonight even more special, but now its all crumbling down. i drank a martini, and then made another. "oh no! not for you. you can sip on champagne, and besides, there is a certain soon-to-be-famous hottie looking for you." Kyla said. "i dont want to see him kyla. we are dating. WERE. were dating. what he did is unforgivable." i told her. "i know you're hurt but-" she stopped mid sentence as the door behind me closed. "i'll leave you two alone." she said and left. i turned around and there stood Harry. "Bex! god i've missed you!" he said. he came over to me to hug me, but i pushed him away. "yeah, i missed you too. but apparently you didnt miss me too much. i know what you did harry." i told him. his face fell. "Bex..." he started. "Rebecca. to you, im Rebecca." i said to him. he sighed. he knew that was the sign that i was more pissed that usual.

"Is this where the food is?" said a blonde boy walking in through the door, followed by 2 brunette boys and a third boy with dark black hair. "Niall, im kind of in the middle of something." Harry said to the blonde boy who had entered first. "who is this gorgeous girl?" the dark haired boy asked. "my girlfriend." Harry stated. "mate you never told us you had a girlfriend..." the bieber look alike said. "that's cause he doesnt. not anymore." i said and then walked away. "Rebecca..." he called after me. i just walked away, and walked down the street. i walked through the cold, to a small pond that was at the end of the neighborhood, beyond the pond was all trees. i slipped off my shoes, and sat on the dock. i let my toes touch the icy cold water. i had goose bumps, and no jacket. i heard someone sit next to me, and i tried to keep my eyes down due to tears. so many tears. i felt someone throw a jacket over my shoulders and draw me in close. Harry . i leaned into him and cried.

after a few minutes i calmed down. i looked up at Harry. "i am so sorry. i should not have done what i did. i thought about you the whole time. how i wished it was you, how i only wanted it to be you. i told her that, and i never wanted to hurt you. please, please Bex..." he said to me. "i know. harry...i love you, and i want to forgive you. but it hurts. i hate that i cant just forget and continue loving you. but i cant harry. i just cant. i waited for you, and it killed me. im sorry harry. im sorry." i told him. i looked at him and he nodded. he even had tears in his eyes. i leaned in and kissed him one more time. when we pulled apart, a small sob escaped me. i stood up, grabbed my shoes, and walked home, leaving Harry and my heart, behind.

Present Day ~ (January 19th 2012)

"Yeah, okay, i'll see you at home. bye!" i said into my phone as i walked down the street. i was trying to shove my phone into my purse, when i bumped into someone, who promptly spilled coffee all over me, and my phone. "oh shit." the person said. i was speechless. my new dress, my newest creation, was covered in coffee, and my new phone was no longer shining brightly, and was slightly steaming. "are you okay? my god your phone is smoking. and your dress? i am so incredibly sorry...." he said. i was speechless, still. but not by the coffee on my dress, by the person who spilled it. Harry freaking Styles.

"are you mute?" he asked me. i chuckled and tugged down my sleeve, not wanting him to see the tattoo. "no. im not mute. but i have to go." i said and looked up. "ohmigod. Bex!?" Harry asked me. "yeah, um, hi Harry." i said to him. "wow, i didnt think i'd see you again. not after...what happened. its been 2 years now." he said. i nodded. "well, in exchange for ruining your dress and your phone, please let me walk you home." he said. i nodded and we began to walk.

we walked for about 45 minutes, just catching up. it was really nice. eventually we reached my apartment. "its really nice getting to know you...again." he said and chuckled. "yeah. um, im really sorry about how i left things. i shouldnt have been so quick to let it go. but im glad you found me, or spilled coffee on me." i said. "me too. can i have you number, so we can talk once you get a new phone." he asked. i laughed and nodded. i gave it to him, and then i entered my apartment. i dropped my keys, purse, and heels in the foyer by the door. i draped my jacket on the hook, and headed to my room. when i walked in, i heard the shower turn off. i slipped off my dress and put on a pair of sweats and a tshirt. i put my hair in a ponytail just as my Skandar Keynes walked out of the bathroom in just a towel. "hey babe, how was your day?" he asked as he kissed me. "it was good, i ran into an old friend. i need to go get a new phone tomorrow though, i got coffee all over mine." i said. he chuckled and shook his head as he walked back into the bathroom. oh what a tangled web we weave....

TBC(: hehehehehehe i like this story. its good. at least, the beginning is good. comment if i should keep going!

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