Creepypasta creation

Whaddya guys think? Im not a good drawer at all but eh, I tried my best. I might write a story with her in it sometime c:

Chapter 1


by: imdeadnow
Eyes: Ink black, When mad or hungry, glowing red

Mouth: Sharp teeth, Snake fangs instead of canines

Hair: Black and red mixture, extremely long.

Other: Sharp claw like nails to tear.

Clothing and items: Short, white torn nightgown and a small brown paper bag to put her "Collection" in.

She will sing in a special voice to hypnotise the victim, and when the victim is hypnotised, they are under her control. Control can be gained also by direct eye contact. Anyhow, when they are under her control she will control them to beat and torture themselves brutally until death. When the victim is dead, she will tear out their heart and either eat it, or add it to her collection..


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