A Knightly Love

This is the love story of Gawain, a young man given the name of a famous knight in one of the many legends of King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table.

Chapter 1

About Me

My name is Gawain. I am a young man of seventeen.I am tall, slender, pale, and quite athletic for being quite slender. I am of British descent, and was raised with the stories of noble knights and brave deeds of chivalry. Mother told me those stories in hopes that chivalry ,honor, and respect would become part of my nature.
At any rate it worked, for I grew up to have those important virtues. I am the middle child of three, and I regularly attend Lincoln High school. I live with my mother and two brothers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 4635 Kraydor street. I have a big Rottweiler named Gringolet-he may look mean but he's actually just a big old softie-But that's not all my story is about. I shall tell you my tale of how the fair , gentle, chaste, pure, and beautiful Aurora became my love and my bride....

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