Harry Potter Taught Us... (Repost)

Chapter 1


Kingsley taught us the true meaning of style.
Arthur taught us that us muggles are still cool
Molly taught us to always care for our family
Narcissa taught us to keep our families together
Lucius taught us that power does not rule the safety of our family
Sirius taught us to be loyal to the end
Ginny taught us to love Harry Potter
Lupin taught us to do the right thing
Tonks taught us to follow our heart
James taught us that bullying is not ok
Lily taught us to never stand down, even to the end
Bellatrix taught us to always dance through life with a smile
Voldemort taught us the meaning of "poetic justice"
Fred and George taught us to make sure we have a good time in whatever we do
Luna taught us to be different and wise
Nagini taught us to obey
Neville taught us to stand up for what we believe in
McGonagall taught us that there is a time when "boom" needs to happen
Umbridge taught us how to be creepy
Dumbledore taught us many things
Dobby taught us to protect the ones we love
Fudge taught us how to dress
Hagrid taught us that kindness comes first
Aragog taught us to tell the truth
Mad-Eye taught us to never judge a book by it's cover sort of speak
Wormtail taught us that we should never betray our friends
Draco taught us to choose the right path
Trelawney taught us to see what others do not see
Slughorn taught us how to face our fears
Snape who taught us to be brave and "always" love to the end
Ron taught us to keep our light close
Hermione taught us the meaning of smart
Harry taught us how to accept our fate
J.K. Rowling taught us more then you could explain

Re-post this if Harry Potter has taught you many things

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